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    Exponea to Boost its Germany and UK Teams

    Product Sep 19, 2017 Zuzana Tomascikova 4 min read

    New offices in Edinburgh, Manchester, and strengthening its German team. That’s what Exponea is up to at the moment.

    Exponea’s CEO Peter Irikovský comments: “We have strong traction in Western Europe, and view the UK and Germany as having enormous potential. It’s not just an opportunity for ourselves and our customers, but also for the locals from whom we’ll pick our future colleagues. We will soon announce a large investment that enables a full throttle expansion.”

    Edinburgh and Manchester will compliment the well-established London office, boosting Exponea’s UK presence with new talent. The company is currently looking for a Customer Analytics Consultant (the best job in the world, according to!).

    Meanwhile, Exponea is hiring new blood for its operations in Germany and the whole DACH region. So, if you speak German and think you’d do great as a Sales Account Executive or Customer Analytics Consultant, now’s the time to submit your application!

    A great product allows easier selling

    Exponea is the world’s fastest growing SaaS company with a first-class product that has become synonymous with quality– showcasing nearly 100% customer retention. Exponea puts sales people with a broad portfolio of e-commerce contacts in an excellent position and gives them a chance to make big bucks.  Now’s the right time to join the Exponea team. The market is young, the opportunity is huge!

    Depending on the seniority level, Exponea sales people earn between EUR 3k and 10k per month. Add a 10-20% commission on annual revenues, and you get an annual income in well excess of EUR 100k. CSO Marwan Chanawani adds: “According to, we expect 0.5-2 million in new ACV from all our sales people.”

    What is Exponea sales people’s biggest asset?

    Veronika Hlaváčová, Global Head of HR, explains: “We have had it confirmed many times that salespeople who have full trust and understanding of the product have the best results. With our Exponea Marketing Cloud, it is easy to satisfy both conditions. The fact that our cloud is up there with the best is showcased by Reviews, Success Stories and our customers’ actual business results including those at Duke & Dexter and a well-known telco operator. Exponea is a very strong tool that can help any and all B2C companies increase sales, profitability, and long-term value.”

    Here to stay

    We find inspiration in companies such as Slack, Box and Twilio. We have joined them in the club of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies.

    • We have doubled our revenue each 6 months over the past 2 years.
    • Exponea influences hundreds of millions of buyers’ decisions every day.
    • More than 1,000 marketers and analysts actively use Exponea.
    • We may only have started, but our annual recurring revenue is already more than USD 2.5 million.

    “On average we receive 5 emails/calls from interested investors every week. However, we have a single strong backer who believes in us and intends to provide more funding, so with a few exceptions (e.g. Kleiner Perkins) we do not pursue new contacts. Our current investor is an ever-green fund, so we are building Exponea as a strong company that’s going to be here for a long time to come,” Peter Irikovský explains.

    A Dream Employer – If You Want to Grow

    Exponea has become a target destination for the millenials leaving corporations. Why so? The reason is simple: we give them opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere – flexible, challenging and meaningful jobs with co-ownership option.
    According to Deloitte’s Millennial Survey based on 7,700 respondents (university graduates working in large privately-owned companies) from 29 countries, corporations don’t offer the young enough opportunities to develop their most valued asset – ability to lead others.

    At the same time, the young struggle to find sufficiently meaningful tasks, both for themselves and their customers. As for the money, it does matter, but it is only one out of numerous factors affecting their decision to come grow at Exponea.
    The Millennial Survey corroborates the 2015 study by Accenture. In it, only 15% of respondents preferred to work in a corporation. According to Deloitte, a full 25% of the millennials admit they would leave their current employer if an opportunity presented itself. And almost half of them (44%) plan to leave within 2 years.

    Unleashing companies’ talent

    We are a marketing cloud which helps increase sales, profitability and ROI. At the same time, we trigger what we call the Exponea effect, experienced externally and internally alike: by providing our customers with a mighty tool, we allow them to unleash their talent.

    What Exponea does:

    • Speeds up corporate processes
    • Changes corporate culture into an agile, start-up-like culture
    • Simplifies reporting, and frees up people’s time for actual work

    Join us and work with the aces of e-commerce! Two examples out of many:

    • Peter Irikovský (current Exponea CEO, ex-CEO @ Slevomat (€100M+ revenue, the fastest growing internet company in CZ), Regional Director @ Groupon UK, Consultant @ McKinsey & Company)
    • Marwan Chanawani (current Exponea CSO, ex-Managing Director of Asia & Pacific @Eset (1bn+ valuation), CSO @ Gradient ECM)

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