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An Introduction
to Customer Data

Personalized experiences are now a must. A brand’s survival depends on how effectively it can utilize customer data to make its customers happy and willing to come back. Marketers do their best to deliver these personalized customer experiences, but they often get lost among the different technological solutions and data fragmented across their marketing stack.

The problem is that these technologies don’t talk to each other; they operate in individual data silos, making it nearly impossible to create relevant and consistent communication across all channels.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) creates a unified source of customer intelligence accessible to other systems

A Customer Data Platform is a system that ingests, consolidates and normalizes customer data from multiple online and offline sources, regardless of the data’s structure or identifier (email, cookie, etc). The data is centralized, wrangled and enriched so other systems (usually 3rd party tools) can understand and utilize them for custom analytics, marketing campaigns, and other data-related business needs.

CDP Characteristics

Ready‑to‑Use Solution

All customer data is neatly organized and available for immediate use. Some technical resources are required to set up and maintain the CDP, but it does not require a high level of technical skill compared to a traditional data warehouse.

Single Customer View

Data collected and organized with a CDP is visualized through individual data profiles for each user. This 360-degree view of the customer is possible due to the fact that all customer data is located in one central location.

Customer Data Unification

Inconsistent data from multiple online and offline sources is combined to create a unified single customer view.

Accessible Data for 3rd Parties

Data contained within a CDP is ready for use in 3rd party systems focused on adtech and campaign delivery.

“The most challenging barrier to marketing automation success is data integration between the various marketing systems of an organization.”

David Raab, CDP Institute

Benefits of CDP‑Organized Data

The unified customer data stored in a CDP can be used via 3rd party tools for:

Custom Analysis

  1. Gain insights from real‑time data
  2. Identify high‑value customer segments
  3. Boost machine‑learning with high‑quality data
  4. Predict a customer’s future steps (next best offer, best channel of contact, etc.)

Campaign Execution

  1. Use real‑time customer behavior to execute marketing campaigns
  2. Ensure consistent communication across all channels
  3. Enable relevant, personalized messaging

Customer Support

Provide a single source of customer information for all client‑facing teams


How a CDP Differs
from Other Solutions
on the Market

CDP – Customer Data Platform

Function: Collects 1st party data from online and offline sources in real‑time to create a unified customer view, powering highly‑personalized marketing campaigns

Use Case: Omni‑Channel Marketing (acquisition, engagement, retention)

DMP – Data Management Platforms

Function: Segment anonymous 3rd‑party data to power retargeting campaigns

Use Case: Retargeting (acquisition)

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Function: Enable customer-facing teams (sales, customer support, etc.) to manage customer relationships

Primary Use Case: Customer relationship management (retention)

Challenges with
Traditional Databases

  1. Traditional databases cannot handle the speed, quantity, variety, and ever‑evolving requirements of customer data.
  2. Traditional databases can't handle the real‑time data needed to deliver a seamless, omni‑channel experience.
  3. Firms struggle to integrate and organize customer data. In most firms, data remains siloed across systems, communication channels, and organizational functions. CDPs eliminate silos.
  4. Most firms can only use a fraction of their available data, and struggle to use that data to enable a broad range of use cases. A CDP can make use of all available data.
  5. Most firms don’t have their data centralized, making it difficult to comply with legislation (e.g. GDPR). A CDP will centralize your data.

What is a
Customer Data & Experience Platform?

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A Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDXP) creates a unified source of customer intelligence ready for activation via its own built‑in systems


CDPs are becoming increasingly popular, and as the market has become more saturated, companies have developed additional features to enhance customer engagement and manage it within a unified platform.

Exponea’s core is a CDP, but additional layers have been built on top, creating an all‑in‑one marketer’s toolkit within one integrated platform. With Exponea, marketers can organize, analyze, and act on their customer data, all from a single software.

Sofology - quote

"We selected Exponea after a rigorous review process. Exponea have enabled us to truly stitch together online and offline behaviour via their Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Now that we have access to their Single Customer View, we’re able to use Exponea’s orchestration platform to execute personalised campaigns across all channels."

Nicola Cottrell, Head of CRM, Sofology

In order to make use of the data organized by a CDP, a large number of integrations and connections are required (email providers, web personalization tools, push notification tools, etc).

As a CDXP, Exponea has all of this functionality built into one integrated platform.

Top Features


A CDXP offers you the flexibility to pick and choose which features you want to use; it’s not an “all or nothing” solution. Not every company can change their email or personalization solutions; nor would every company want to do it even if they could. Replacements and integrations can be challenging.

Exponea can act as a standalone CDP, providing a unified source of customer data to the client's existing technology stack (analytics, campaign execution) or it can be used to handle all marketing activities using the additional layers of campaign execution and analytics. This enables our clients to choose the solution that best fits their business needs.

Real‑Time Data Across
the Whole Platform

Exponea is a single integrated platform built from the ground up. Every tool was created in‑house for the platform, so no additional time is required for the data to enter the other systems. This means that the moment the data is captured and stored in the unified single customer view, you can immediately visualize the data and act on it through any channel.

This high speed data transfer wouldn’t be possible using a standalone CDP integrated with 3rd party marketing solutions.

Live Predictive Model

Exponea’s live predictive model adjusts the value of the prediction in real-time as new customer data is being recorded. As a result, the prediction value stored in the unified single customer view is always up‑to‑date.

Advanced Consent

Our integrated consent management feature helps you to comply with ever‑evolving governance and privacy requirements (GDPR) by easily and effectively managing your subscription policies and tracking any changes to customer consents directly within the unified single customer view.

Did you know that

Exponea is the
highest rated CDP

according to independent review site G2Crowd.com?

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for Customer
Data Platform

The CDXP in Action

Online + Offline Connection

Online + Offline Connection Merge online and offline activities in order to create an accurate customer profile. Identify customers from online activities when they enter a brick and mortar store.

Customer Segmentation & Personalization

Customer Segmentation & Personalization Segment customers according to their behavior (RFM, LTV prediction) and subsequently deliver a personalized, omni‑channel experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Predictive Customer Scoring

Predictive Customer Scoring Enrich your customer profiles with predictive data (probability of purchase, churn, visit, email open).

Smart Behavioral Retargeting & Lookalike Advertising

Smart Behavioral Retargeting & Lookalike Advertising Integration with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Analytics & Doubleclick enables you to leverage insights from Exponea to run powerful acquisition & retention (lookalike) campaigns outside of your website.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations Create and use different recommendation models such as “similar products” or “customers also bought” and deliver the best shopping experience to drive engagement, increase brand loyalty, and sell, up‑sell, or cross‑sell your products or services.

Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B Testing Quickly transform the appearance of your pages. Use our smart website overlays (pop‑ups), or send cart abandonment emails to increase your ROI. Create different designs and determine which variant performs better with the automatic A/B testing feature.

Omni‑Channel Automation

Omni‑Channel Automation Guide your customers through their entire lifecycle with personalized and timely messages sent to their preferred channel, significantly enhancing your opportunities to both acquire and keep a loyal customer.

Email Deliverability Enhancement

Email Deliverability Enhancement Increase email open rates. Thanks to an AI‑powered algorithm, you can determine the ideal distribution time for each user based on their email opening habits, and reach them at this optimal hour.
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