How to Repair Your Email Sender Reputation

Zameer RazackGeneral

Good Practice Email Marketing

Executive Summary Good Practice Email Marketing Email service providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail, determine whether email marketing is malicious or bothersome by understanding whether the sender shows effortful behavior in having good … Read More

What’s new – August & September

Maros GardonProduct

Product Updates

We would like to introduce recent news and changes in the application. We significantly improved our Customer Profile, added two-step verification, Data Mapping, and improved the functionality of our Catalogs. All these updates will deliver … Read More

Product updates

Jozo KovacProduct, Releases

Increased campaign performance to handle peak of the season and lot of minor fixes reported by our consultants and users.

11 Greatest E-Commerce Personalization Tactics

Luna ShirleyGeneral

11 Greatest E-Commerce Personalization Tactics

We believe that e-commerce personalization done right lies in removing obstacles to purchase and it’s essentially a manifestation of the use of a famous marketing mantra: We’ve selected 11 of our most adored e-commerce personalization … Read More

When Personalization Gets Too Personal?

Luna ShirleyGeneral

When Personalization Gets Too Personal?

1 on 1 personalized communication with your customers is hailed as the holy grail of e-commerce marketing and implementing the personalized customer experience is said to increase your sales by over 20%. Yet approaching personalization … Read More

Exponea Product Roadmap Q3 2018

Jozo KovacGeneral

Within the Q3 2018, Exponea Experience Cloud enters the next stage of its evolution by taking on several new, highly impactful initiatives across the whole application. In order to be fully transparent, we would like to share with … Read More

Roadmap Retrospective: Q1 & Q2 2018

Jozo KovacProduct

The time flies and for us at Exponea, it feels almost supersonic with the sheer amount of development we managed to do over the past 6 months. That’s why we would like to highlight some … Read More

Welcome Our First Exponea Masterminds!

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Welcome Our First Exponea Masterminds!

At Exponea, we want to make sure that our clients can use our tool to its fullest potential, maximizing the benefit for their business. We also want to make sure to recognize users that are … Read More

What Can Go Wrong With Data Management?

Luna ShirleyGeneral

What Can Go Wrong With Data Management?

Data management is one of the pillars of e-commerce marketing automation and this is the angle which we’ll be discussing in this article. Being able to trust the data that you have at your disposal … Read More

Cornerstones of Marketing Automation

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Cornerstones Of Marketing Automation

E-commerce marketing automation is often being thought of as synonymous to artificial intelligence, clever neural networks, evaluating an endless number of probable outcomes in order to market your products to your customers in such a … Read More

Q&A About Exponea’s GDPR Certification

Lenka GondovaGeneral

Q&A About Exponea’s GDPR Certification

Ever since we announced that Exponea is GDPR certified, a lot of people asked us what it actually means. To make sure that we answer the most pressing questions, we have prepared FAQ. 1. There … Read More

Ebuyer revamps customer communications with Exponea

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Ebuyer revamps customer communications with Exponea

We have been selected by Ebuyer *, the UK’s largest independent online retailer of computer and electrical goods to refresh the company’s customer communications strategy. Our platform replaced incumbent providers Experian and Cheetah-Mail, following a competitive tender process … Read More

What´s new – March & April 2018

Jakub DadoProduct, Releases

Product Updates Exponea

We would like to introduce recent news & changes in the application. The last two months were mainly focused on the upcoming GDPR legislation, Emails, Experiments and the new feature – Predictive Campaigns. GDPR Exponea … Read More

Exponea Rises to Every Occasion

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Exponea Rises to Every Occasion

The Exponea team is celebrating further accomplishment. Rising to meet new challenges seems to be the trend in the marketing automation and real-time data analytics company. With a trail of features, awards, and recognitions in … Read More

We Love to Share Our Knowledge. Globally.

Jozef OrgonasGeneral

Each day, thousands of e-commerce gurus are struggling with new challenges. How to increase revenue per visitor? Which technology offers me a quick return on investment and still helps with conversion growth? We don’t say … Read More

Customers Like You Enjoy these Recommendations

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Personalized content is currently expected by the majority of e-commerce customers. All the most recognized brands are utilizing recommendation engines to engage their customers with content that is relevant and valuable. Netflix    – suggests movies and … Read More

10 Quick Wins to Boost Your Revenue

Diego LoyolaGeneral

Wins to Boost Your Revenue

Online fashion retailers have to optimize marketing campaigns by utilizing their deep understanding of customer behavior in order to increase sales which results, of course, in higher revenue.  While you may be tempted to offer … Read More

TOP 5 Analyses for Online Shoe Retailers

Luna ShirleyUse Cases

TOP 6 Analyses for Online Shoe Retailers

Exponea’s consultants focus on helping our clients achieve sustainable growth of their revenue and profit. We’ve asked our specialist Daniar Rusnak, who’s our most experienced consultant for online shoe retailers, which analyses helped him deliver … Read More

GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions

Katarina KarmazinovaGeneral

GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions

Although many companies already started to inspect and map their data, or tackled some of the challenges brought by GDPR, there are still many questions that remain unanswered. With those ugly fines in mind, non-compliance … Read More

We Know GDPR: Introduction

Katarina KarmazinovaGeneral

GDPR Intro

The reasons for hysteria around GDPR GDPR is the European Union’s response to corporate overreach and violation of individual privacy. Exponea recognizes the ramifications that may arise for online clients and is taking significant steps … Read More

Do you like Experiments?

Maros GardonGeneral

Making changes to the website design is, in many cases, the most effective way to optimize the conversion rate and boost revenue. Let’s be honest, design is tremendously influencing decisions of today’s customers. A well … Read More

Exponea will take you to the best analytics conference in Europe!

Peter JakusGeneral

//////////////////////////////////////////////// Update: We have received great assignments! Thanks to all participants! It was very difficult to choose the best. The winners are: Lucia R. Lukas K. Rado H. //////////////////////////////////////////////// Win a Superweek daily pass, including … Read More

Forbes Released the Exponea Story

David MillerGeneral

The products and services provided by Exponea have captured the imagination and interest of the business community. The November issue of Forbes covers the achievements that Exponea has had in AI and real-time analytics. Exponea … Read More

Data Science Club #3

Robert LacokData Science

The third session of the Data Science Club featured some excellent talks on data analytics in games and data warehousing. In case you missed it or would like to revisit some of the details, see … Read More

Data Science Club #2

Jakub MacinaData Science

The Data Science Club continued on Monday 30th of October in a lecture hall in the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The big announcement is that Exponea joined forces with Personalized Web Research Group from … Read More

Theory and Practice Align When Great Minds Unite

David MillerWebinar

When Rusty Warner of Forrester and Andrej Misovic of T-Mobile came together at the Exponea office, great things were bound to be discussed. The experts were live for a webinar covering various practicalities that should … Read More

Gearing up for the Holiday Season

David MillerGeneral

For e-shops, it is now time to make sure that all of the necessary tools are in place for the holiday season. There are plenty of areas which can be optimized, especially in how an … Read More

Exponea is now 3x faster!

Lukas FrycProduct

We are proud to announce the performance improvements that we made into the frontend of the Exponea tool. During the past couple of days, The Exponea web application was starting in nearly 5 seconds (measured … Read More

1st Kafka Bratislava Meetup

Matus CimermanData Science

Why would you start building a community focused on a single technology? In this region there are only a few companies using this technology. That is exactly the reason why! Apache Kafka is a brilliant … Read More

Exponea Roadmap Q4 2017

Jozo KovacGeneral

We believe in full-stack marketing. Using adtech and martech (referring to customer-centric database marketing over direct channels) together, we’ve optimized full-stack marketing. Exponea has two major strategic goals which are focused on simultaneously. First, is … Read More

Exponea to Boost its Germany and UK Teams

Zuzana TomascikovaGeneral

New offices in Edinburgh, Manchester, and strengthening its German team. That’s what Exponea is up to at the moment. Exponea’s CEO Peter Irikovský comments: “We have strong traction in Western Europe, and view the UK … Read More

Making the Jump in AI

Juraj HornyGeneral

While metagaming has been around for some time, the actual term is relatively new.  Metagaming is when bound to a particular set of rules, certain external forces or factors can affect the outcome of a … Read More

Luxury in the digital age

Juraj HornyGeneral

Exponea and her partners are delighted to join the second annual Warwick Luxury & Innovation Hub. Taking place at Warwick Business School’s London base, this edition will look at the evolution of luxury, focusing on digital … Read More

Exponea tag manager

Robert CaplaProduct

A tag is basically any HTML or Javascript code that you need to inject into your website in order to track user interactions or integrate with external tools. Using Javascript, Exponea tags were already powerful … Read More

Design – Test – Evaluate

Robert CaplaProduct

Executing automated campaigns in Exponea is both powerful and complex. That is a good thing, given you know exactly what you are doing.  But, do you?

Getting smarter vouchers with Exponea

Robert CaplaProduct

Discount vouchers (or coupons, if you prefer) are a simple, yet very powerful tool when it comes to customer activation or acquisition. We all love discounts, even more when they’re direct and personal. Marketers on … Read More

Exponea hits the road

Juraj HornyGeneral

Exponea has taken its full-stack marketing cloud message on the road, joining several professional events in Europe and Australia. “We’ve fielded questions ranging from ‘what is a marketing cloud’ to the more mundane ‘where are … Read More

Like that red skirt? Check this one!

Peter KovacsData Science

Have you seen the latest Silicon Valley episode where Jian Yang built hot-dog classifier with convolutional neural network (CNN)? If you do not know what CNN is don’t worry I will explain it.

How intelligent is your A/B testing?

Jozo KovacGeneral

Multi-armed bandit ab tests

Everyone in marketing loves A/B testing.  It’s a simple, brilliant idea: Everything can be improved if more variants are tested. It is especially loved in ecommerce as marketers test designs, claims, call-to-actions over all available … Read More

How To Build a 360-Degree Customer View

Jozo KovacGeneral

A 360-degree view of the customer is the cornerstone of data-driven marketing. As such, it should contain customer attributes that can and will be used for various analyses, when dealing with campaign targeting, etc. In … Read More

Better filters, improved web layer targeting

Jozo KovacGeneral

If there’s one thing we love, it’s building features that open up new possibilities in analytics and marketing automation. We develop a lot of them on our own, but it’s even more exciting when ideas … Read More

Hey, take the initiative

Jozo KovacGeneral

Does your sales chart look like a flat line with only a few seasonal peaks? If so, I guess you would like to change that. Doing that may sound like rocket science, but it is … Read More