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Your data is one of your most valuable assets.
And Exponea is committed to keeping it secure.

What are some of the highlights?

Complex security features explained in human terms

Learn about different levels of Exponea instances,and see which is right for your company

Get key information at a glance with detailed infographics

Find out where data is stored and how it's protected

Hear from the authors: Lubomir, Annabel, and Lukas

Lubomir Vesely
"A recommended read for security professionals and DPOs considering Exponea, showing you how we can best meet your needs. Worried about cloud isolation failure risks? Our private instance has you covered. Concerned about loss of control over end user actions? We’ve got audit logs for that. If it’s management interface compromise that keeps you up at night, we provide IP whitelisting or VPN access."
Lubomir Vesely Security Team Lead
Lubomir is an experienced security professional, with expertise in network security, design, and implementation, vulnerability auditing, and more. His work ensures Exponea is at the cutting edge of what’s possible in security.
Annabel Pemberton
"It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the features a service like Exponea offers, so we decided to break down the essentials and make a comprehensive guide on how we keep client data secure. In particular I wanted to make security in the cloud more relatable and thought real life metaphors were a good place to begin."
Annabel Pemberton Deputy DPO
Annabel Pemberton is one of Exponea’s GDPR experts. With her passion for consumer rights and privacy, a Law degree, and experience helping e-commerce companies become GDPR compliant, Annabel knows how to turn GDPR compliance into business opportunities.
Lukas Sitar
"Our goal was to collect all the information we had about Exponea security processes and features, and transform it into an e-book that everyone can understand. I’m particularly proud of the security visualization that we built together with our Security team."
Lukas Sitar Inbound Marketing Specialist
Lukas is the Inbound Marketing Specialist contracted with Exponea, where he prepares B2B content strategies. Lukas has years of experience in online marketing fields such as analytics, inbound marketing, customer lifecycle marketing and customer experience.

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