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Discover The Next Generation Of CDP

Exponea's CDXP gives marketers the complete toolset they need for creating incredible customer experiences, by bringing together AI-driven marketing automation, real-time analytics and UX optimization with a best-in-class CDP.

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    RoadLords uses in-app messaging to drive mobile user engagement

    Mar 09, 2021 Carl Bleich 4 min read

    After successfully acquiring users through paid ads and referral campaigns, Exponea client RoadLords needed a solution to engage them within its native app environment.

    RoadLords is a truck GPS navigation app with maps of most of Europe, including Turkey and Russia. It is designed to choose the best route for large vehicles and covers live traffic information such as incidents and police controls.

    Strictly mobile only, RoadLords was already using Exponea’s mobile marketing capabilities to serve their customers, including push notifications to engage inactive users and webhooks to direct message users within the app.

    RoadLords’ current goal is to develop as a community-driven truck navigation system. The team’s focus is to encourage more driver interactions within the app and create more user-generated content including road incident reports and points of interest to enrich maps.

    The more time spent on the app, the more likely that content is to be created by users. To help facilitate this content creation, and with the goal of increasing engagement by users who have already downloaded the app, RoadLords began using Exponea’s in-app messages

    Why in-app messaging?

    In-app messaging is the perfect way to engage and retain your best customers.

    It is a built-in channel with Exponea that allows your company to display relevant content to your customers within the native environment of your mobile app. Unlike push messages that are designed to bring back inactive customers who have opted-in, in-app messages are used to engage your active customers within the app.

    What’s the best way to use in-app messaging? Good question.

    Messaging will of course be different for unique businesses and customers situationally. But using the full breadth of capabilities of Exponea’s Customer Data and Experience Platform will give your business an advantage in best connecting with customers.

    Using real-time customer predictions will help identify exactly how your customers in a certain segment may behave in the future and can influence how you use in-app messages with that particular segment.

    Because of the CDXP’s single customer view, you can personalize the content of your in-app messages based on the recent behavior of your customers or a specific segment of them. This will enable you to display relevant content at the most appropriate time for each customer. This also enables highly granular segmentation that facilitates the best possible customer experience on your app.

    Additionally, unlike emails and push notifications, in-app messaging doesn’t require users to opt-in. This opens even more doors for reaching those who have your app downloaded.  

    RoadLords’ NPS Campaign

    But what about specific use cases?

    Gathering customer feedback is a great place to start with in-app messaging. RoadLords used in-app messaging to help facilitate a net promoter score campaign.

    Specifically, RoadLords sent an in-app message to users in the hopes that they would follow the prompt and participate in the NPS campaign. If willing, a user would then be directed straight to the survey, which also was created using Exponea. The user could then complete the survey and RoadLords would immediately have the data for further analysis and reporting.

    In its inaugural iteration, 11% of Roadlords’ user-base engaged with the NPS campaign that was implemented using in-app messages. And the best part? RoadLords could do all of this without depending on its development team for back-end assistance. RoadLords now intends to utilize Exponea in-app messages for more complicated use cases like user onboarding and revenue generating upsell campaigns.

    “The biggest value in my eyes was that we didn’t need any specific help from our development team,” said Matej Federic, Marketing Specialist at RoadLords. “We were able to drill down on the survey answers and really find out what users in certain groups were satisfied with and what they weren’t satisfied with. That really helped us to know what areas we should work to improve.”

    A campaign like the one RoadLords did is a simple way to elicit feedback from your users in a non-threatening way. This would also work well with product reviews as the in-app message could be timed to launch the next time your customer opens the app after delivery. In-app messages could also be used to incentivize customers towards a conversion, which becomes even more effective when combined with predictions to reward customers who are likely to churn or make a repeat purchase. Another potential use case is pairing in-app messages with another channel (such as email or push messages) to boost the value of your messaging.  

    Exponea paves the way for mobile marketing success

    Using the in-app messaging feature can help RoadLords accomplish its goal of raising user engagement by sending the right message to different customer segments at the right time. It can also help your company accomplish your goals in your mobile app.

    It all starts with Exponea’s CDXP. The CDXP can quickly compile your company’s siloed data and ready it for marketing automation campaigns that will meet customers at whatever stage of the customer lifecycle they are at. 

    If you’re ready to prioritize your mobile marketing and are looking for an opportunity to better connect with your customers, watch our short demo video of the CDXP in action to get started.


    Discover The Next Generation Of CDP

    Exponea's CDXP gives marketers the complete toolset they need for creating incredible customer experiences, by bringing together AI-driven marketing automation, real-time analytics and UX optimization with a best-in-class CDP.

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