Uncover hidden opportunities
for extra profit and tap them

There are over 4,000 marketing tools,
less than 12 marketing clouds,
but only 1 that guarantees ROI in 8 weeks


Exponea overview

Advanced analytics, marketing automation and A.I. brought together in one dream marketing cloud. Exponea combines a single customer view, real-time, omni-channel marketing automation, and practical A.I. capabilities; empowering B2C marketers to raise conversion rates, improve acquisition ROI, and maximise customer lifetime value.

Cutting edge customer analyses & predictions

Build 360-degree customer profiles, predict user behaviour, leverage cross-channel attribution models. All of that with hands-on insights from our data experts.

Omni-channel marketing automation enriched with A.I.

Harness the power of personalised recommendations, target customers across platforms, and automate your marketing efforts with the help of AI and our value delivery consultants.

Rich API supports third-party integration

Achieve the best results by connecting Exponea with online services like Zapier, remarketing and ad management platforms such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads, and even offline marketing tools, e.g. retention programmes.

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Success stories


20.13% conversion rate growth

Zoot is a major player among European e-commerce fashion websites


5% conversion rate increase

Kiwi.com is the fastest growing flight booking portal in the world


58% conversion rate increase

Topankovo is a leading online retailer specializing in shoes


Speed up your marketing execution. Now

Go from analytics to profit
within one interface

Fully-integrated platform that delivers extra profits by leveraging customer insights and executing omni-channel campaigns.

Data just the way
you want it

Define the criteria and analyze marketing performance yourself, independent from other departments.


New and improved features launched every two weeks, keeping Exponea users abreast of new hacks and technologies.

Quote from Johnny Quach, Director of Product at Rocket Internet
"Exponea just works. With a few clicks we’re able to launch promotional campaigns, targeted messaging, and even run A/B test without any development support."
Johnny Quach, Director of Product at Rocket Internet