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Direct Execution Ecosystem seamlessly combines analytics with engagement automation to deliver results much faster

The fastest time-to-value. No IT required.

Choose from our proven solutions or easily build one on your own

  • Custom funnels
  • Sales offer
  • Web layers
  • Revenue analysis

Use custom funnels to identify bottlenecks in your customer journey, and optimize conversion rates. Get an end-to-end overview and, if needed, dive deep into the data with one click. Once you have identified the root cause, fix it immediately with an omnichannel campaign.

Manage customer life cycle efficiently with automated campaigns. Keep in touch with your customers and make them happy with personalized offers, newsletters and reminders. Use drag & drop scenarios to design and send out campaigns in no time. Use any condition for segmentation, any attribute for personalization, and any channel for delivery.

Add a new direct execution layer to your website and have better interactions with your visitors. Go beyond the standard pop-up banner. Optimize your customers’ journey and improve their conversions with personalized dynamic components. Show tailored messages, offer incentives at the right time, create quick on-site surveys, and offer help when needed. Easy to set up, no coding needed.

Gain full control of your website and campaign performance. Track your most important metrics with revenue analysis dashboards. Everything you need in one place, fully customizable and updated in real time. Set goals and monitor their accomplishment.

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Our Client Stories

At Exponea, we strive to help our clients. Therefore our consultants make sure you always get tangible results. But what’s more important, we help not just the performance of their business, but also capabilities of their people.

Exponea enabled us to fully utilize our online revenue potential by giving new capabilities and valuable insights.

Tomas Bella

Co-Founder and Head of Online at Dennik N

There is no other tool on the market comparable to Exponea. I have been working in advertising and communication for 16 years, but Exponea took my breath away.

Slavo Danko

Digital & New Business Director at Ogilvy

What I value the most is the dedication and knowledge of your delivery consultants. They are not only able to respond to our requests flexibly, but also they give us valuable advice related to data interpretation and web design.

Martin Janovcik

CMO at

All important features at your fingertips

Solve bigger problems faster. The ultimate analytics and engagement automation ecosystem.

  • Know your customers...
  • no-man can...
  • ...and respond in real-time.
  • Traffic identification
    Identify customers regardless of device they are using

  • User segmentation
    All user information and behavior history and in one place

  • Behavioral analytics
    Track performance and KPI metrics that matter to your business

  • Insights as a service
    Analyze behavior, customer journey and trends in real time

  • Prediction models
    Segment users by any combination of attributes

  • Attribution models
    Predict behavior and Identify the best campaigns and channels

  • Triggered campaigns
    Perform tailored automated omnichannel marketing

  • Proactive web leads
    Adapt your website to users’ preferences and past behavior

  • Home page personalization
    Test and evaluate versions to find optimal design and content

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