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Exponea's CDXP gives marketers the complete toolset they need for creating incredible customer experiences, by bringing together AI-driven marketing automation, real-time analytics and UX optimization with a best-in-class CDP.

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Mokka discards legacy systems; increases key metrics with Exponea

Mar 18, 2021 Denis Gordovsky 5 min read

About Mokka: Mokka provides the service of paperless funding for online and offline partner stores as an alternative to complicated banking products. The foundation of its business is the installment payment service. The company also provides extra services: virtual card Mokka, card to card transfers, paying for communication, communal services, and more. 

Mokka’s partners include the biggest online and offline stores with a total of over 8,000 sales locations. Registration takes under two minutes and requires nothing more than the client’s passport and mobile phone. After registration, clients get a particular limit of money which they can use for paying for partners’ products and services. For each purchase, a schedule of installments (three to 12 months) is determined.

The customers’ main instrument is their account in the mobile app or on the website. It contains information about the available limit, purchases made, installment schedule, and many other things. Mokka’s base includes over seven million clients who use their account to set up installments, deposit funds, or complete another action. The account is their main communication channel along with email, mobile push, and SMS. The customer’s path is complex and non-linear, and communications must be organized accordingly.

Mokka, a leading fintech company in Russia and Eastern Europe, found itself in a very precarious situation prior to upgrading to Exponea’s Customer Data and Experience Platform.

The company had developed a sustainable process for client acquisition and activation, but its previous technology stack was not up to par.

It used a combination of several individual instruments, including a client database, a CRM system, newsletter services, and a totally separate analytics tool.

Despite the multiple systems it did have in place, it did not have one unifying single customer view that could monitor customer behavior and help consistently increase customer loyalty. This led to unnecessary spending that could not lead to revenue coming back because of an inherent lack of quality marketing capabilities.  

Working with multiple legacy systems was challenging

The original technology stack components Mokka had were not integrated, and the company worked with them manually. This led to a massive amount of work that would have otherwise been unnecessary with a single unifying system.

The daily work included the CRM department making client summary reports while measuring communication results and a manual analysis to show a list of users who required extra communications. That information was then loaded into the CRM system and messages were sent to users. Progress and response monitoring, as well as database corrections, were also done manually.

After some time, this process has proven inefficient. It was obvious to the team that the maintenance of the process was costing more money than it could bring in. The technologies were also outdated and didn’t meet modern standards. The data was processed manually, with no opportunity for real-time correction of the communication strategy depending on the client’s actions.

Making the upgrade to Exponea

Knowing it needed to make a change, Mokka looked to Exponea for help.

Exponea provided the problem-solving capabilities that Mokka was looking for and turned out to be the perfect platform to solve the task of increasing client involvement and introducing omnichannel communications.

“After two months of preparation, the actual integration only took 30 days,” said Aleksey Bashkirev, Head of CRM for Mokka. “In the first six months we saw impressive results. This included a 58% growth of conversion to first purchase and 72% increase in email open rate.”

Switching from a package of isolated tools into a single automated platform was just the change that Mokka needed. It allowed for the setting up of a chain for omnichannel communications and personalization and to upgrade product personalization. 

Omnichannel communications

Thanks to Exponea, Mokka has more channels now: email newsletters, SMS, as well as personalization on the website, and personalization in direct communications with customers.

The information in different channels is not duplicated but rather orchestrated: clients only get the messages that are currently relevant for them, and only in the channel that is the most convenient for them.

The omnichannel communication chain is started the next day after user registration. Users get a notification in their personal account or a welcome email, with an introduction and an explanation of the service details (the welcome chain). Then, depending on the response, the system determines how and with what to motivate the client.

On entering the account, the user might see a pop up with a special or limited offer, or a notification about the remaining limit which they can use for purchases at other partners. These pop ups help tell the clients about the opportunities which they might have forgotten or never known.

A flexible analytics-based chain

Mokka has changed the logic and frequency of newsletter sending. For each message, the optimal send time and the channel with the highest likelihood of establishing contact with the potential client is estimated.

Each user’s interactions with emails and messages is considered in further communications. If the user does not open emails but gets activated thanks to SMS messages, that channel will be considered that user’s primary channel moving forward.

Depending on the registration date, users receive account notifications offering bonuses, presents, or other special conditions. This makes communications more selective, quick, and efficient.

Previously, a chain leading to conversion to first purchase consisted of 25 emails and took up to 60 days. Exponea helped shorten it to 16 messages (usually 10 emails and 6 SMS) and 30 days.

Involvement works

After integrating the Exponea platform, Mokka achieved better results at lower spend.

The previous chain for converting registered users to customers was both more expensive and twice as slow. After reassembling with Exponea, Mokka’s results significantly improved:

  • Conversions to first purchase grew 38% as compared to the year start average
  • Web personalization provided a 58% growth of the number of customers completing their first purchase
  • Message open rate grew 72%

“Timely communications and relevant offers cause positive feedback from the clients,” Bashkirev said. “Higher loyalty is one of the key factors of e-commerce development in our time. It’s much cheaper and more profitable to retain regular clients than to keep attracting new ones all the time.”

Let Exponea help your business retain customers

It is indeed much more cost effective and better for your business’ bottom line to retain customers rather than to be constantly recruiting new ones. Mokka, along with hundreds of other satisfied Exponea customers, has learned this firsthand.

Exponea’s Customer Data and Experience Platform is the perfect customer retention platform. It will unify all of your company’s data and deliver personalized marketing communications while giving your business access to a single customer view to help manage the back end.

Ready to learn more? Watch our short demo video to see the CDXP in action and learn how you can turn customer data into marketing magic fast.


Discover The Next Generation Of CDP

Exponea's CDXP gives marketers the complete toolset they need for creating incredible customer experiences, by bringing together AI-driven marketing automation, real-time analytics and UX optimization with a best-in-class CDP.

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