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    Exponea Inspires Creativity by Reinventing Company Culture

    Product Jan 08, 2018 David Miller 3 min read

    Company culture means something to most people, nowadays. For many, it negatively relates to a life served in a cubicle, organized in a way that the neighboring coworker can only be heard, not seen. Often situated in a drably color schemed office building, as to discourage creative output. The constant sounds of phones, copy machines, and the persistent clicking of keyboards……..yawn. Many are all too familiar with this environment. Does it really have to be this way? No!
    Fortunately, the world has created a new breed of business, one that Exponea has not only embraced but has reinvented. We’re talking about a company that doesn’t set strict rules or confine us to a chair in a tiny work space. Quite the contrary, sit on a bean bag chair or take a break by playing Xbox on the big screen TV. Going to work is a joy for us, rather than a dreary task. Even returning from our winter vacation time can be taken as a positive experience. Some of us actually miss our work environment and colleagues, because we have become close friends. It sounds crazy, but sometimes even the truth sounds the most absurd.
    Moments after walking into this office space you can feel the buzz. It’s different here. Bright colors and modern art pieces line our walls. The furniture is optimistically vibrant and you can’t help but notice all of the hard working people, who actually seem happy about being here. Is this normal? Of course not. However, our Exponea founders have worked hand-in-hand with employees to achieve a positive work environment. We are encouraged to be independently productive but the team is always there to help, if needed.  “I like working at Exponea, because everyone here is empowered to have an entrepreneur’s mindset and expected to step out of their own role and step up as a leader. We are micromanagement haters, open-source lovers, and have hands-on experience with endless streams of customer behavior data” says Michal Cizmazia, Software Engineer. This company is a serious contender for, not only becoming a global brand using AI and real-time analytics, but for paving the way to company culture enlightenment as well.
    We who work at Exponea are encouraged to start our own businesses and be entrepreneurs. The company inspires and encourages team members to be creative, open-minded and to think outside the box. There are no bosses hovering over our shoulder as we work. There is a feeling of freedom and each individual seems to strive for greatness within this environment and push themselves to achieve amazing things. The camaraderie is unmatched and each soul who spends time at Exponea helps one another in reaching the highest level of their potential. The community is unparalleled, “Exponea is a community of young, talented, genuine and driven people that do not hesitate to support each other in any way possible.” comments Sonicka Pisova, one of Exponea’s team members.
    The people who are fortunate enough to spend their time in this company are recruited for a reason. It is apparent that every individual who works here encompasses team spirit, knows how to build one another up, positively pushes each other and respects the work of others. The atmosphere here is highly motivating. Customer Analytics Consultant, Tomas Sakal says “The presumption that everyone you meet has good intentions, is willing to help and has something particularly exceptional about them along with the informality of communication is what makes Exponea not just the company to work for, but a community to be a part of.”
    The culture that a company establishes is, in itself, the key to building even further. Work should not be a place of monotony and watching the clock slowly tick by. We live in a time of spontaneity and options and the workplace should reflect that. Exponea, not only a business leader, is setting a new course when it comes to company culture.

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