Making the Jump in AI

Juraj HornyGeneral

While metagaming has been around for some time, the actual term is relatively new.  Metagaming is when bound to a particular set of rules, certain external forces or factors can affect the outcome of a conflict or game.  Take poker for example, there are different rules for the different games, (texas hold ‘em, five card draw etc.), but the concept of bluffing or reading an opponent is part of the meta game.  Understanding the tells or reading your opponent is part of this. Talking smack to “tilt” an opponent while a large bet is on the table, to gauge an opponents reaction is most definitely metagaming. 

To understand humor one must have a sense of humility, empathy, spontaneity, linguistic prowess and above all self awareness.  Oddly enough the exact traits needed for a skilled metagamer.  From the science fiction perspective, Futurama’s Bender, not only connects with the humor of many but also irreverence only feeds his selfish devices.  Are we that far off from beta version of Bender? According to Exponea, maybe not. 

Humans don’t enjoy boring conversations with other humans and they certainly don’t enjoy conversations with boring AI.  Much like a stale marketing campaign, canned responses don’t translate well with real people.  Cookie cutter form responses are not engaging and don’t lend themselves to success.  The AI with Exponea’s platform builds a tailored user experience that is not only engaging, it is effective. 

Another feature in the the Exponea AI platform, is the engaging A/B testing tools.  In traditional A/B testing, let’s say after a one week run, “A” has a greater overall success rate – so naturally “A” is selected as the go to choice.  But there are two things to consider, first is the week wait time and the second is the countless variables involved while the test happening… time of day, age, weather, regression toward the mean, instrument effect… literally countless variables are able to poison A/B data.  With Exponea, the AI in realtime can plot many factors and develop highly granular results and predictions.   

These results coupled with predictive analytics and behavioral segmentation builds an AI environment that gives an accurate look at a marketing landscape… not in weeks but in minutes.  The potential of these tools is really exciting.  The possibility of a clutter free future in marketing is something everyone can appreciate.