Live webinar with Duke+Dexter: Selling internationally online

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We are honoured to have Duke & Dexter as a key note speaker, to talk about how Exponea has helped them and how together we drive towards the sunset while creating a company, that continues to grow and be successful in its field.

Duke & Dexter are a British born footwear label, specialising in premium loafers for those who appreciate modern, functional and spirited apparel.

Designed in London and handcrafted in England, innovating the conventional whilst working off traditional styles, while never faltering on exceptional comfort to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle.

Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake love their products

Dedicated to British craftsmanship, each Duke & Dexter shoe is handmade in Sheffield, England at a family owned company. To ensure all products are created to the highest standard materials are carefully sourced. A rich array of fabrics from canvas and linen, to leather and suede are combined with inspiration from colours, patterns and motifs from all around the world.

D+D have received international recognition since launching in 2014, selling to over 100 countries worldwide, and walking their way into celebrity wardrobes, including Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds or Eddie Redmayne.

We are proud to say that D+D is one of our clients, using the Exponea marketing cloud solution every day to help their company grow the way they want it to; as well as using the Amazon Alexa at their Monday morning meetings.

What, where and why

Through 40 minutes you will find out how Duke + Dexter have in just a few years built a company that has grown its international online sales and fitted their shoes onto some of the most famous feet in the world.

They will share their wisdom on how they created a global brand in just a few years:

  • How to increase PPC spend without destroying efficiency
  • How to improve customer onboarding and retention in fashion e-commerce
  • How to approach marketing automation within their business

Suitable for all decision makers and marketers.

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About us

Exponea is one of the world’s fastest growing software companies in the field of marketing automation and advanced data analytics. The London-based Slovak company with offices in Melbourne, Palo Alto, Bratislava, Prague and Moscow. Having secured millions of euro in investment, the small team has grown into an 80+ people company in just a year, and keeps growing.