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List of use cases for acquisition

Vouchers for first/next purchase

Create incentives for your visitors to become buyers by offering a discount for their current purchase, or, even better, offering a voucher for their next purchase (leading to lower cost and higher retention).

Omni-channel 1:1 personalized campaigns

Lead your customers through the entire life-cycle with personalized and timely messages, significantly enhancing your opportunities to acquire a loyal customer.

Ads management integrations

Exponea integration with Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Analytics & Doubleclick enables you to run more efficient acquisition campaigns, all the way from media planning to reporting. With digital marketing efforts together on one powerful platform, you can work smarter, act quicker, and get better results.

Revenue attribution report

Get a comprehensive overview of acquisition sources and customer touch-points leading a purchase. Multiple models include first/last touch, linear, and time decay.


List of use cases for conversion

Convert non-payers to media subscribers

Recommend articles to non-paying users which will lead them to convert and buy a subscription.

Upsell recommendations (AI driven)

Create and use different recommendation models such as “similar products” or “customers also bought” for identified situations. Learn more

Content-based recommendations

Reach customers with an email recommending products similar to those they've put in their cart, but didn’t buy. Learn more

Scrolling banner

Highlight the most important part of the web via banner. Learn more

Cart abandonment email

Remind customers that they have left something in the cart by email 1 hour after their last activity. Learn more

One-time banner

Prepare a special discount offer to promote a limited subscription for your website. Learn more

Personalized incentives

Show a banner communicating how many visitors are interested in the same or similar products/routes, making a “social-proof” and incentive for the undecided visitor to act quickly and purchase immediately. Learn more

“Almost sold-out” reminder

Prepare web layer banners and modify content to promote remnants and almost-sold out goods. Learn more

Web banners with dynamic timing

Track overall visitor interest in specific routes, cross-sell more products to individual visitors. In the Travel sector, cross-sell additional products before the trip, and up-sell new destinations afterward via web layer banners. Learn more


List of use cases for retention Exponea scenario for retention

Omni-channel lead generation

Take your customer through a multi-channel journey. Generate leads by tracking agent-customer interactions at a shop or call center. Keep communicating with email or SMS messages if there is no immediate purchase. Activate unconverted leads at the call center. Learn more

RFM life-cycle automation

Segment customers using Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value as key criteria and create automated campaigns ensuring appropriate incentives based on customer segment. Learn more

Emails delivered on time to each customer

Increase email open rates. Thanks to an AI-powered algorithm, determine the ideal distribution time for each user based on their email opening habits and reach them at this optimal hour. Learn more

Customer segmentation

Segment customers according to their behaviour and subsequently launch targeted mailing campaigns on specific segments. Learn more

Automatic emails for birthdays & name-days

Send a thoughtful email to customers on their birthday (or name-day) using a customized email template. Customize the content based on the customer value and life-cycle. Learn more

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