GDPR compliance is not enough: Exponea is among the first companies to get “GDPR insured”

Product Feb 28, 2018 Zuzana Tomascikova 2 min read

Exponea is among the first companies in Europe to receive a new “GDPR insurance” certificate with special Cyber Enterprise Risk Management Insurance – a brand new concept in the marketing world amidst hysteria around GDPR. Thanks to the cooperation of AON and one of the top insurance companies in the world, Chubb, Exponea was able to invest further into the trust of our users.
The certificate means that Exponea took additional steps to responsibly protect the data security of our clients and insured against possible risks. And there are many.
Insufficient identity, credentials and access management, data breaches and loss, weak APIs and other system vulnerabilities present potential jeopardy to a great body of sensitive data.
Set as a top priority, we focus on the elimination of these risks by migration to the safe computing cloud environment and creating a DPO post in the company. On top of that, we are using external experts for penetration testing and preparing for Hacktrophy, ethical hackers who will test our IT security.

All the safety layers

Exponea aspires to become a leader in GDPR compliance. Now the insurance certificates proved our efforts sealing them with an extra insurance layer against any unforeseen circumstances.
We worked on it for four months. The insurance product simply did not exist before and it had to be approved at the highest level of the insurance company – the board. It was a big deal for us, winning the trust of the board, being among the very first SaaS companies in our region to get it.
Being ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified has put a solid framework for our further endeavors and showed our clients that  security management is at the heart of our approach.

GDPR e-book for busy marketers

Exponea’s DPO, Lenka Gondova, and our team is working on a GDPR e-book, a guide for our users to stay ahead of the legislation without making their businesses suffer. Exponea is aware of the challenges that come with GDPR. The guidance in the e-book will help marketers walk through the change helping them leverage their existing client relationships.
Exponea is proud to offer our clients an award winning data management platform with an ever greater guarantee that they are in safe hands.
Read our GDPR e-book and feel free contact us with more questions.
Read GDPR e-book

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