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    Exponea tag manager

    Jun 12, 2017 Robert Capla 2 min read

    A tag is basically any HTML or Javascript code that you need to inject into your website in order to track user interactions or integrate with external tools. Using Javascript, Exponea tags were already powerful and fully customizable, allowing you to track any kind of event related specifically to your site.
    Today, we are happy to announce Exponea Tag manager, that is about to replace the so called ‘content modification’ functionality. While also adding a bunch of new useful features. Here’s a list of the most important ones.

    Use presets

    When creating a new tag, you can either start with writing HTML or Javascript code in our tag editor or choose from the Presets – our set of predefined tag templates.
    Presets let you simply add tracking of additional events in Exponea or integrate other popular third-party tools, such as Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords or Google Analytics. When enabling the preset, you can easily customise it by setting up a few parameters, without needing to edit any code. We will continuously add new presets, but also please get in touch, we are always open to your suggestions.

    Get organised

    Tag manager will help you keep your scripts organised. Filter existing scripts through activity, tag or initiative. You can see who created the tag, and when it was last updated. Control when and how the tag should be enacted by setting up a tag priority, adding rules or exceptions and even adding filters to your customer segments or funnels.


    Add personalisation

    As you probably know by now, you can personalise things all over Exponea. With the new Tag manager, that is also true for tags. Personalisation let’s you load your data in, and use Jinja syntax to make tags dynamic. This is great if you want to, for example, modify the site content using customer attributes, such as name or email. You can also use customer filters and load tags only to specific segments of your customers.

    What about Google tag manager?

    It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to replace Google tag manager with Exponea’s. You can use both Google and Exponea tag managers at the same time and in many cases that is the best practise. However, if you choose to use Exponea tag manager as your primary tool for tag management, expect to see less scripts getting blocked by ad and tracker blockers that all recognise GTM.


    Your existing tracking code added via content modifying will be automatically migrated to Tag manager. We recommend you to use this chance to review your code and organise it in Tag manager.
    Learn more about how to get started with Tag manager via our Exponea guides.

    Watch Exponea demo video!
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