What’s new – August & September & October

Maros GardonProduct

Product Updates

We would like to introduce recent news and changes in the application. This article provides a single place where you can always find the most important updates with a detailed description of the functionality and … Read More

Roadmap Retrospective: Q1 & Q2 2018

Jozo KovacProduct

The time flies and for us at Exponea, it feels almost supersonic with the sheer amount of development we managed to do over the past 6 months. That’s why we would like to highlight some … Read More

What´s new – March & April 2018

Jakub DadoProduct, Releases

Product Updates Exponea

We would like to introduce recent news & changes in the application. The last two months were mainly focused on the upcoming GDPR legislation, Emails, Experiments and the new feature – Predictive Campaigns. GDPR Exponea … Read More

Exponea is now 3x faster!

Lukas FrycProduct

We are proud to announce the performance improvements that we made into the frontend of the Exponea tool. During the past couple of days, The Exponea web application was starting in nearly 5 seconds (measured … Read More

Exponea tag manager

Robert CaplaProduct

A tag is basically any HTML or Javascript code that you need to inject into your website in order to track user interactions or integrate with external tools. Using Javascript, Exponea tags were already powerful … Read More

Design – Test – Evaluate

Robert CaplaProduct

Executing automated campaigns in Exponea is both powerful and complex. That is a good thing, given you know exactly what you are doing.  But, do you?

Getting smarter vouchers with Exponea

Robert CaplaProduct

Discount vouchers (or coupons, if you prefer) are a simple, yet very powerful tool when it comes to customer activation or acquisition. We all love discounts, even more when they’re direct and personal. Marketers on … Read More

Component-oriented CSS architecture

Lukas FrycProduct

When building a large-scale application, structuring the code for ease of extension and maintenance is an important consideration. What people usually forget about is that even a CSS code should be architected properly. In Exponea, … Read More

Exponea basics: Filters

Jozo KovacProduct

What would be the point of understanding user behavior perfectly if there wasn’t a tool for selecting users with specific behavior patterns, right? That’s why user filters is one of the most important features in analytics & campaigns … Read More

Analytics reworked

Jozo KovacProduct

You may have noticed changes in the analytics module. This article will explain what comes next. We design Exponea as a Direct Execution Ecosystem (Direct Execution is an ability to trigger a campaign by clicking … Read More