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    Design – Test – Evaluate

    May 24, 2017 Robert Capla 1 min read

    Executing automated campaigns in Exponea is both powerful and complex. That is a good thing, given you know exactly what you are doing.  But, do you?

    Say hello to DTE

    To help you deliver more successful campaigns, we have decided to better guide you through the whole process. A few weeks ago, we introduced the “Design – Test – Evaluate” workflow – or simply DTE as we call it. DTE is already implemented in all our marketing campaigns: Scenarios, Web layers, Email campaigns and Surveys. Once you understand the concept, you’ll be able to replicate the same pattern across all those channels with ease.

    1. Design

    The Design phase is where you create visuals and target an audience.

    Let’s say you’re designing a campaign scenario. This is where you get creative – adding Triggers, Operations and Actions. Now you’re happy with the result and all eager to execute. Just, hold on a second, let’s do a test.

    2. Test

    The Test phase is for double-checking that your content looks great and the campaign is properly targeted.

    In Test phase, you can give your newly designed campaign a dry run and get a clear idea of what happens after you click that big blue button. It’s a bit like magic to see how your scenario conditions and A/B tests work with actual data. And if it’s not what you expected, just had back to the design phase and change it.

    3. Evaluate

    The Evaluation phase is about making sure that results will be correctly tracked and evaluated even before you execute the campaigns. And of course – this is where you will find results after the launch.

    For each campaign, you get a pre-populated dashboard with A/B test and Email results. There’s no need to create reports or dashboards manually, but of course you’re free to pull data manually and create your own reports the way you like.

    Now do it again

    As said, DTE is applied not only to scenarios but to all Exponea campaigns, bringing you a more consistent workflow and more predictable results. All our future campaign features (like Ad tech management) will use the same DTE process — easing the user pathway into new technologies and Exponea capabilities.
    For more information see our guide on DTE process.

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