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    Press Release: Exponea is the first SaaS platform to publicly launch Facebook Messenger Chatbot API integration

    Product Apr 23, 2016 Jan Buza 1 min read

    Exponea, the advanced analytics and marketing automation platform, opened Facebook Messenger Chatbot API integration to public today. This gives all companies ability to react much faster to chat requests and send order updates to customers without need of in-house IT development.

    Less then two weeks since Facebook announced chatbot and live chat APIs at its F8 conference, Exponea integrated it into its platform to enable online marketers to provide customer support actions, deliver requested content and facilitate transactions. It is now possible to easily design automatized scenarios that will interact with customers and improve their brand experience.

    As Exponea’s head of product, Jozo Kovac, said, “Exponea strives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge features, therefore we decided to add this to our platform as soon as we learned about the possibility”. Exponea’s users thus can, as the first in the world, instantly use Chatbot with the drag&drop scenario builder, without complicated programming or lengthy IT set-up.

    There are about 900 million active users of Facebook Messenger globally, making it a great platform for personalized content delivery and opening new horizons for brand builders. “Facebook does not allow outright marketing through the Messenger. But this is consistent with the trend towards individual and tailored communication we have seen recently. With up to 30% of users having ad-blockers installed in their browsers, brands need to keep their communication relevant. Facebook Messenger allows to cut through the clutter and attract customers through better purchase/user experience.” said Michal Pastier, co-founder of Zaraguza, marketing agency with Facebook Studio Award and WPP group member.

    For Exponea, integrating Facebook Messenger Chatbot API into the platform is the next step towards creating the Direct Execution Ecosystem – a system that gives users fast business results and full control over analytics and campaigns, and removes the need to use dozens of different tools and involve IT or other departments.

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