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Possible Positions: Email Marketing Specialist, Email Specialist, Email Marketing Manager, Campaign Manager

Do more work in less time with Exponea. Automate time‑consuming tasks like creating and sending personalized newsletters, and spend your time on more meaningful work.

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Client Testimonials

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“We are very happy with how things have turned out with Exponea. Its flexibility made for an easy integration, and its scalability means we have a tool we can count on for delivering personalized experiences to all our customers as we continue to rapidly grow and expand.”
Carolin Barendt, E‑Mail Marketing Manager
Exponea Capabilities


  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Deep Audience Segmentation
  • Drag‑and‑Drop Scenario Builder
  • AI‑Powered Customer Predictions

Visualize the impact of your work and see key information at a glance with elegant, customizable dashboards. Share the results of your campaigns to key stakeholders with reports at the click of a button.

Send the right message to the right audience with powerful audience segmentation. Divide your audience into carefully crafted segments, based on data: behavioral, transactional, geographic, and more. Be confident about sending the right offer.

Easily create complex workflows with a visual scenario builder. Build highly-detailed scenarios triggered by customer behavior without needing to rely on your IT team.

Stop customer churn before it even happens, send emails when they’re most likely to be opened, and know when customers are most likely to convert. AI‑powered predictions help you understand your customers better than ever before.

is more than knowing
a customer’s [first name]

Use the information you have to send deeply personalized messages to your customers.

customer‑centric marketing

Why Exponea?

Increased Email Engagement

See significant increases in open‑ and click‑through rates while sending fewer emails overall. Send emails that your customers actually want to read, when they want to read them.

Do More in Less Time

Automate your most time‑consuming tasks, so you can focus on what really matters. Manage personalized daily mailers, remind customers about items they’ve left in their cart, and send loyalty‑building post‑purchase communications – and do it all automatically.

Boost Email Deliverability

Not only improve the reach and impact of your emails, but build trust and loyalty across your customer base. Automated audits ensure that anti‑spam rules are followed, keeping your emails GDPR compliant and off the blacklist.

Real‑Time Campaign Data

Keep tabs on the entire campaign lifecycle, including key performance indicators, return on investment and impact on revenue with campaign‑based reporting and analytics. Real‑time means every interaction, view, and click is recorded as they interact with your email.

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