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Possible Positions: CRM Manager, Loyalty Program Manager, Head of Loyalty Program, CRM Campaign Manager, Head of CRM

Foster customer loyalty with Exponea. Unify your data, centering it around the customer rather than the channel or device. Use one platform to create, launch, automate, and analyze your campaigns.

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Client Testimonials

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“We selected Exponea after a market review in which we looked at a number of key players. Exponea set themselves apart with their CDP giving us the ability to easily target and seamlessly scale personalised campaigns across our channels incl. partner integrations within the same interface, instantly”
Kate Vezina, Senior CRM Manager
“We selected Exponea after a review process. Exponea have enabled us to truly stitch together online and offline behaviour via their Customer Data Platform. Now that we have access to their Single Customer View, we’re able to use Exponea’s orchestration platform to execute personalised campaigns across all channels.”
Nicola Cottrell, Head of CRM
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Exponea Capabilities


  • Omni‑Channel Orchestration
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Dashboards and Reporting

Deliver harmonious experiences by interacting with each individual customer through their preferred channels. Save time building campaigns with a drag‑and‑drop scenario editor, and start increasing conversion rates, retaining more customers, and improving customer satisfaction.

Truly understand your audience and uncover hidden patterns in customer behavior. Data from all possible sources is collected in one central hub to create a complete picture of all your customers. Scale personalized customer experiences across all customer touchpoints with ease, using a single source of customer intelligence.

Visualize the impact of your work and see key information at a glance with elegant, customizable dashboards. Share the results of your work to key stakeholders with reports at the click of a button.

Start sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Why Exponea?

One Unified Platform

Simplify your workflows. Collect all your data and campaigns in one platform. Analyze and execute from one place – no need to switch between different systems.

Loyalty at Scale

Create personalised campaigns for each customer. Unlock new opportunities to cross‑sell and up‑sell with data‑driven recommendations and offers in campaigns that connect the online and offline experience.

In‑Depth Segmentation

Split your customer base into highly‑detailed segments based on granular data. Use a drag‑and‑drop campaign builder to target each segment the right way.

A Mature Customer Data Platform

Exponea has been a customer data platform since 2015. Years of experience means a stable provider you can count on.

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