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Possible Positions: UX Specialist, UI Specialist, Conversion Optimization Specialist, Growth Hacker

Build consistent, high‑quality customer journeys with Exponea, with tools to identify and improve bottlenecks along the way. A/B test your options in real‑time, and compare them against an easily defined global control group, all within the same platform.

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Client Testimonials

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“We wanted to make sure our marketing efforts were as data‑driven as everything else we do, so we chose to pursue a customer data platform to consolidate all our data and centralize our marketing execution efforts.”
Heidi Teschemacher, CCO Commercial Director Marketing and eCommerce
Exponea Capabilities

Features to
Drive Conversions

  • Experiments
  • Weblayers
  • A/B and Multi‑variant Testing
  • Dashboards and Reporting

Increase conversions by optimizing your site and testing variants – quickly, simply, and without the need for IT support. Experiments enable you to deploy and test changes on your site, ensuring that you pick the options that convert the best.

Drive customers to take action with messaging delivered at critical moments. Catch customers before they leave your site, encourage purchases with social proof, and grow your mailing list with easy‑to‑make web layers.

Replace gut feelings with data‑driven insights. Test your changes, find the winning variant, and iterate on your success. Exponea can automatically optimize your A/B tests to send more traffic to the winning variant.

Visualize the impact of your work and see key information at a glance with elegant, customizable dashboards. Share the results of your work to key stakeholders with reports at the click of a button.

86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Give them what they want.

customer‑centric marketing

Why Exponea?

Web Optimization Platform

Continually improve your site. Exponea provides a complete set of tools to change, test, and optimize your site – all from one platform. Find what works best for your customers, and never stop improving.

Full‑Fledged Analytics

Understand exactly how your customers move through your site. Drill down deep into comprehensive funnel analytics. Identify blockers and leaks, then fix them with Exponea.

In‑Depth Segmentation

Split your customer base into highly‑detailed segments based on granular data. Use a drag‑and‑drop campaign builder to target each segment individually.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Shorten the time from visitor to champion with automated lifecycle campaigns targeting users in each stage of their journey. Use RFM segmentation to split the stages even further, and target each segment differently.

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Fuel Data‑Driven Optimization.
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