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Possible Positions: Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Analyst , BI Analyst, Head of BI

Analyze your performance using the same platform where the campaigns were built and launched, with Exponea. Build dashboards, create custom reports in seconds, and share results with colleagues.

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Client Testimonials

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“After a comprehensive vetting process with a number of globally recognized vendors, Exponea stood out as the clear best choice for optimizing our team’s performance. We are confident that Exponea will help us build a 360‑degree view of our customers and enable us to foster customer loyalty.”
Ricardo Gómez, Global Head of 365 Consumer Marketing
Exponea Capabilities


  • Customer Data Platform
  • AI‑Powered Customer Predictions
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Exponea BigQuery

Truly understand your audience and uncover hidden patterns in customer behavior. Data from all possible sources is collected in one central hub to create a complete picture of all your customers. Discover insights across the entire customer lifecycle, using a single source of customer intelligence.

Reveal insights about your customers hidden in vast quantities of data with AI‑powered customer predictions. Stop customer churn before it happens, and put data at the heart of your customer strategy.

Share your insights with colleagues and see key information at a glance with elegant, customizable dashboards. Share the results of campaigns to key stakeholders with ready‑made reports at the click of a button.

Always have access to your data on‑demand. Petabyte‑scale data storage in Google BigQuery enables custom analytics with your own BI tools. It’s a fully scalable solution that keeps your data safe, accessible, and under your control.

Stop using session‑based analytics and put the customer at the center of your marketing efforts.

Customers, not sessions, make purchases.

customer‑centric marketing

Why Exponea?

Data at the Center

Do what you want with your data. A rich API makes third‑party integrations a breeze. A real‑time database keeps you up to date. And GDPR certification means your customers’ privacy is respected.

Native Integrations with the Tools You Use

Plug‑and‑play with Exponea. Thanks to built‑in integrations with the tools you already use, Exponea is ready to create value from the very beginning.

Detailed Dashboards

Create custom dashboards for the data that’s most relevant to what you’re working on. See all the key metrics and business trends for your company in one consolidated place.

Sort Out Disorganized Data

Break silos and reorganize your data around the customer. Integrate Exponea’s customer data platform core with your company’s data to create a complete picture of each customer.

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Empower Data‑Driven Marketing.
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