Reminder – Product size (packaging)

Use case customer segmentation


Client is not able to set up effective retention campaigns for products coming in different sizes.


The products are in different categories, products between categories are unrelated, and products inside one category may be seen as substitutes to each other.


In order to repeatedly sell customers products after they have consumed the previously purchased goods, they will be sent a reminder when they are most apt to buy their next package of the same product.

There are 2 different challenges: 1) sum up all items in last purchase for each category and 2) send email only after last purchase – if customer completed order in the “waiting window” they will not be sent an email for previous purchase.


Several expressions were created for users where an exact timestamp was computed for when the customer’s stock will expire. These needed the following variables: product category, amount of product in last purchase, avg. daily amount consumed, time of last purchase in this category.

The scenario is triggered daily and checks whether the expiration date is that day and if their last purchase was in this category.

If conditions are met, an email with products from this category is generated and sent to customer.


  • Creating expressions & scenario: 2 hours
  • Tracking events: 2 hours
  • Email design: 4 hours
Total: 1 man-day deliverable in 1 week
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