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Exponea’s Story Made it into Forbes

Find out how Exponea is shaking up the world of AI and marketing automation in e-commerce, with the potential of becoming a $1b+ global business.

Forbes Exponea Cover

“From the very beginning, I believed that the technology that Jozo and the team had built would be best applied in e-commerce and online retail. After the first sales meetings it became crystal clear - Kiwi, T-Mobile and Sygic confirmed this hypothesis.” - Peter Irikovsky

“We wanted small flower shops or your dentist to also be able to use our tool. Once they grow bigger in the future and have more data they’ll know who to turn to.” - Jozo Kovac

“Exponea has constantly been appearing as the best technological solution for the future generation in the market.” - assessment from a representative of an investment fund

Here are key points that were mentioned:

  • The company has become the fastest growing company in Europe and the second fastest in the world, according to SaaS 1000.
  • Exponea has deployed state-of-the-art automated marketing solutions to the e-commerce industry and recently raised €7.5 million, Series B funding.
  • Using AI and real-time analytics, the company has experienced rapid growth in a very limited time. Apparent with the latest valuation of €40 million.
  • They have gone from 6 to 113 employees covering four continents and is empowering its people to think outside the box and to be entrepreneurs.
  • Exponea, was launched after an AI and tech visionary connected with a dynamic manager who, earlier, caught the eyes of VCs.
  • Jozo Kovac has been dedicated to building practical AI applications and has spent years delivering analytics projects to various industries.
  • Peter Irikovsky gained invaluable business experience in major companies, where he earned the knowledge to lead a multinational company.
  • Together, the co-founders were able to procure investment from a secure source, billionaire Ivan Chrenko.

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