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the story

We envision a future where companies truly understand
their customers and engage them in a mutually beneficial way.

Exponea is our way of bringing this vision to life.
Our platform and brainpower help e-Commerce businesses get maximum value
from collecting, analysing, and acting upon customer interactions.

Jozo Kovac signature Co-Founder & CTP

Jozo Kovac
Co-Founder & CTO

Peter Irikovsky signature CEO

Peter Irikovsky
Co-Founder & CEO

They say that good things happen to those who wait. We believe they happen to those who roll up their sleeves and get to work.

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Imagine a platform that eliminates the key reasons for your marketing team's underperformance.

A single end-to-end solution replaces a mismatched assortment of tools, creates results within days, frees you from an IT department holding back your promotional efforts.

With a team of 166+ professionals operating worldwide, we’ve built such a platform.

You can find our headquarters in London, the development team in Bratislava, and local offices in Palo Alto, Prague, Moscow, and Melbourne. Clients on 4 continents already share our vision and use Exponea to bring it to life.

Only with the right people, in the right place, at the right time can you think of succeeding. Check, check, and check.

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the team

Peter Irikovsky Co-Founder & CEO profile picture

Peter Irikovsky, Co-Founder & CEO

After building a company with €100M+ in revenue, Peter has joined Exponea to create a new unicorn and a group of stellar future entrepreneurs along the way.

Jozo Kovac Co-Founder & CTO profile picture

Jozo Kovac, Co-Founder & CTO

Using 10 years of experience as an analytics consultant and product manager, Jozo went on to create Exponea, the ultimate analytics & marketing automation platform.

Marvan Chanawani CSO profile picture

Marwan Chanawani, CSO

Marwan is a technology industry leader and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience. At Exponea, he uses his business growth and expansion capabilities to turn it into a truly global company.

As ambition grows, so does desire for more brainpower. Our approach to hiring is straightforward: Find the brightest minds in Europe. Hire them.

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Rest on our laurels? No, thanks. We’d rather keep pushing, which you can experience firsthand. Contact us, and let's join forces.

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