Exponea’s Mission

Empowering smart people,
our own and our clients’,
to fulfill their potential.

See The Proof
"The most valuable thing a company such as ours can get from a supplier is enthusiastic access, expertise, ownership and the speed of solving problems or requirements. That's why Exponea is different from the rest."
"We don't have to dream anymore about preparing customized offers for our customers. We have Exponea."
"I never thought it possible to get such great results with so little effort and in such a short time. Just when you start to think that your website's performance has peaked, Exponea will show you how things really are."
"We very much appreciate the help and cooperation of the Analytics team of Exponea, which is available to us 24/7. That's really important! We can always 100% rely on them!"

We Are An
Experience Cloud
But With The “Exponea Effect”

By empowering clever people we help the whole organization make bright decisions more rapidly. Enabling increased sales and ROI.
Exponea improves our clients company culture with better cross‑department collaboration and customer centricity.
Our Story
Forbes Peto and Jozo

There are no limits
to what smart people,
supported by smart software,
can achieve.


Imagine a platform that
eliminates the key reasons for your
marketing team's underperformance.

With a team of professionals operating worldwide, we’ve built such a progressive platform. With over 6 years experience, the single end‑to‑end solution replaces a mismatched assortment of tools, creates returns within days and frees you from IT holding you back from your promotional efforts.

We evolved rapidly
while working with the very
progressive gaming industry

to build a solution that could manage analytics for gaming titles in the multi‑millions. With acquired knowledge and the development of a state‑of‑the‑art automated marketing solutions, Exponea was born.

After social gaming, our focus became clear,
online fashion retail and the e‑commerce industry.

Using AI and advanced real‑time analytics, the company has experienced rapid growth in a very limited time. Now our clients are using Exponea to communicate with hundreds of millions of customers around the world, personally.


Award Winning & Fastest Growing

in the Field of AI‑Enabled Marketing Automation & Data Analytics

Exponea Experience Cloud is proven to give our customers a competitive advantage, resulting in revenue lift, sales, customer loyalty and significantly reducing customer churn.

G2Crowd Leader Spring 2018 Market Leader
Market Leader
1000+ data-driven marketers prefer Exponea. Fulfilling their expectations, G2Crowd rated Exponea as the Market Leader in Spring 2018.

G2 Crowd is the first source for trusted business software ratings and reviews.

#1 SaaS 1000 The Fastest Growing
The Fastest Growing
With a team of 236+ professionals operating worldwide, we became the fastest growing SaaS company in Europe in 2017, according to saas1000.com.

The SaaS 1000 is a list that highlights the top growing SaaS companies based on an algorithm that includes hiring trends, growth indicators and number of employees.

Rising Star 2017 Award Rising Star in Marketing Automation
Rising Star in Marketing Automation
There are over 4,000 marketing tools, a few experience clouds, but only 1 that guarantees ROI in 8 weeks. Built as an integrated solution from the ground up, Exponea received the Rising Star award by FinancesOnline.

FinancesOnline is the fastest growing independent review platform for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions.

LATKA 100 - Fastest Growing 2nd Fastest Growing Private SaaS Company
2nd Fastest Growing Private SaaS Company
“Nathan has uncanny ability for getting CEO’s to share private revenue data!” - Wall Street Journal. Exponea ranked 2nd place among SaaS companies starting with $1m+ ARR and displayed a sizeable percentage of growth (year over year, according to LATKA100).

Nathan Latka has the #1 podcast for startups, in which he is able to extract and share revenue information of fast‑growing companies.


Security Certifications

As a data‑driven company, Exponea adopted an elaborate methodology for risk management to address the situation. We strengthened our information security management system and decided to go beyond what was compulsory.

The First GDPR Certified
Company in The World

At Exponea, we have taken GDPR very serious and understand the risks as well as the opportunities. We set out to become one of the first companies ever to get the Certificate of GDPR Conformity, accomplishing our mission as a pioneer. We are also among the first companies in Europe to receive a new “GDPR insurance” certificate with special Cyber Enterprise Risk Management Insurance.

View Certification:
GDPR 3101

4 ISO Certifications

We understand risks and opportunities. Being ISO 9001 & ISOO 27001 certified for Data Management and Security Information Management, we also obtained ISOO 27017 for Cloud Services and ISOO 27018 for Protection of Personal data in Cloud to emphasize the importance of data privacy security.

View Certification:
ISO 9001  |  ISO 27001  |  ISO 27017  |  ISO 27018

Our Team

A Strong Team Combining Technology
& Business Backgrounds

Jozo Kovac
Jozo Kovac
Co‑Founder & CTO
Using 10 years of experience as an analytics consultant and product manager, Jozo went on to create Exponea, the ultimate analytics & marketing automation platform.
Peter Irikovsky
Peter Irikovsky
Co‑Founder & CEO
After building a company with €100M+ in revenue, Peter has joined Exponea to create a new unicorn and a group of stellar future entrepreneurs along the way.

Supported by
Industry Leading Security Compliance
& Data Privacy Professionals

Lenka Gondova
Lenka Gondova
CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, ISO 27001 LA, ISO 20000‑1 LA, ISO 22301 LA, eIDAS LA, CSXF,
expert on auditing, risk management and governance who supports the local Office for Data Protection
by creation of execution law for GDPR certification and DPIA.

Management Team

Steven Ledgerwood
Steven Ledgerwood
Chief Revenue Officer
Michal Novovesky
Michal Novovesky
Chief Customer Success Officer
Andy Culligan
Andy Culligan
VP Marketing
Michal Pastier
Michal Pastier
Chief Creative Officer
Dilanka Kalutota
Dilanka Kalutota
VP Operations
Martin Miklas
Martin Miklas
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Stefan Surina
Stefan Surina
General Counsel
Martina Friedrichova
Martina O'Gorman
Head of Marketing Operations
Robo Capla
Robo Capla
Head of Product
Zuzana Vancova
Zuzana Vancova
Head of Operations
236+ People
29 Average Age
4 Continents

Having secured millions of euros in investment, we have grown
into a company with over a 236+ people and branches all around Europe...

and still growing


Contact Your Regional Office

New York  |  US
1460 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(718) 650 1224
Hugh Kimber, Exponea
Hugh Kimber
Regional VP Sales
London  |  UK
Elizabeth House,
39 York Road,
London, SE1 7NQ
+44 778 626 1961
Hugh Kimber, Exponea
Hugh Kimber
Regional VP Sales
Manchester  |  UK
WeWork No. 1 Spinningfields
Quay Street
Manchester M3 3JE
+44 778 626 1961
Hugh Kimber, Exponea
Hugh Kimber
Regional VP Sales
Edinburgh  |  UK
20/6 Fountainhall Road
Edinburgh EH9 2NN
+44 778 626 1961
Hugh Kimber, Exponea
Hugh Kimber
Regional VP Sales
Bratislava  |  SK
City Business Center I
Karadžičova 8/7244
821 08 Bratislava
+421 949 647 217
Juraj Jurasek, Exponea
Juraj Jurasek
Sales Development Representative
Warsaw  |  PL
Postępu 14
02 676, Warsaw
+48 730 009 787
Łukasz Budziński, Exponea
Łukasz Budziński
Sales Manager
Berlin  |  DE
Kemperplatz 1, Mitte D
10785 Berlin
+49 171 494 3139
Franco Paolucci, Exponea
Franco Paolucci
Head of Sales Germany
Prague  |  CZ
Panská 854/2
Nové Město, 11000 Praha 1
+421 949 647 217
Juraj Jurasek, Exponea
Juraj Jurasek
Sales Development Representative
Brno  |  CZ
Cyrilská 7
602 00 Brno
+421 949 647 217
Juraj Jurasek, Exponea
Juraj Jurasek
Sales Development Representative
Moscow  |  RU
26 Leninskaya Sloboda st.
115280 Moscow
+79 858 661 555
Anastasia Maltugueva, Exponea
Anastasia Maltugueva
Business Development Manager
New York

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