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Telecommunication Europe

in the online sales
of T-Mobile

European subsidiary of a top 5 global telco firm.
Success Story
5X+ increase in online sales thanks to personalized web experience

Diverse customer base and broad product portfolio make it impossible to create a marketing message suitable for everyone.

This in combination with the complex web lacking in calls to action and a clear purchase path resulted in almost no online sales.

Success story personalization

During the load of homepage, Exponea identifies the visitor, checks the micro segment where he/she is tracked and sends back specific content to display on the homepage.

Dynamic homepage personalization improves conversion by improving user experience and adding a relevant call to action.

Thanks to our solution, the client can display tailored and targeted messages to customers and find the best converting alternative through A/B tests.

The ability to differentiate messages and calls to action in the acquisition or reactivation stage gave the e-business team new space and plenty of opportunities to experiment with combining multi-channel campaigns and tailored personalized experience on the web.

Telco operator success story solution timeline

growth in sales of target microsegment


improvement in online sales channel


months time to value

Too good to be true? Listen in God's voice.

Well, it's a FACT!
Michal Novovesky, Chief Customer Success Officer at Exponea
"Customers want to make a purchase quickly. If they can't find what they are looking for, they will leave. Thanks to segmentation and real time personalization we were able to show them relevant content and increase the chance of purchase."
Michal Novovesky, VP Growth

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Success stories

See how companies like yours made it.
Too good to be true? Listen to God's voice.

Topankovo is a leading online retailer specializing in shoes

58% conversion rate increase

Topankovo is a leading online retailer specializing in shoes

8 reasons

to include Exponea
in your selection process

Tailored around your high expectations.
Contact us and do more day one.


See value
in two weeks

Why wait? The initial integration of Exponea takes just a few minutes. Our consultants then delve into your data, find actionable insights and deliver the first results in just a few weeks.


the entire journey

It all begins with the customer's first visit and ends with their repeated purchases. Eager to know what happens in between? Get powerful customer insights and act upon them straight away, effortlessly and effectively.



Each and every one of your customers matters. Instead of just giving you a brief audience overview, Exponea delivers everything needed for one-on-one marketing.


a fully-equipped tool

E-commerce businesses typically need as many as 12 separate tools to deal with tracking data, building audiences, sending emails etc. Then, there's Exponea that integrates everything into one interface. We call it the Direct Execution Ecosystem.


Build cross-channel

Reach your customers in the right place at the right time. Exponea is a truly multi-channel platform, where the only limit is one's imagination.


the hatchet

Exponea is a peacemaker between you and your IT. Once the integration is done, it's between you and us. Let's focus on your marketing goals and let your IT focus on theirs.


Get the whole
company on board

Exponea makes it easy for departments to work together. Get insights, decide on experiments and celebrate successes and new learnings together.


No, thanks

There's no such thing as two identical businesses. Exponea is ready, allowing everyone to dig as deep as they need and evolving by itself based on how you've been using it.

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