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Improvement in the online sales of T‑Mobile

+511% Growth in sales
+126% Online sales channel
<2 Months time to value
Part 1


Diverse customer base and broad product portfolio made it impossible to create a marketing message suitable for everyone.

This in combination with the complex web lacking in calls to action and a clear purchase path resulted in almost no online sales.

Part 2


During the load of homepage, Exponea identifies the visitor, checks the micro segment where he/she is tracked and sends back specific content to display on the homepage.

Dynamic homepage personalization improves conversion by improving user experience and adding a relevant call to action.

Thanks to our solution, the client can display tailored and targeted messages to customers and find the best converting alternative through A/B tests.

The ability to differentiate messages and calls to action in the acquisition or reactivation stage gave the e-business team new space and plenty of opportunities to experiment with combining multi-channel campaigns and tailored personalized experience on the web.

Creating the clear path to purchase

Part 3


Uplift thanks to personalized web experience

+511%Growth in sales
+126%Online sales channel
<2Months time to value

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