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    Manage Users and Settings of Multiple Projects Together with Exponea Accounts

    Product Aug 07, 2017 Robert Capla 1 min read

    Following our recent introduction of project roles & permissions, we are happy to announce Exponea Accounts – a better way to manage users and projects in Exponea.

    Before, Exponea users were associated only with Projects. Meaning, that if you had more projects, there was no way to group them and you needed to invite users and set user permissions individually in each project. From now on, Exponea users can also be associated with an Account. Users with account access will have permissions shared across all projects inside that account. Of course, you can still have users with access only to individual projects.

    Settings such as billing, invoicing, usage limits and module management will also be managed on an account level and applied to all projects under the account.

    For customers running Exponea on private instances, it’s important to know that new users who sign up, will need to be added to projects or an account by the administrator. Existing users invited to a project or account will have immediate access.

    Learn more about Accounts, Projects and Users in our guide.

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