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iKuchyne Optimizes Their Customer Journey to High User Experience Standards

iKuchyne is an online furniture store that embodies the Potočan brothers’ philosophy that good interior design should be available to everyone. For decades, they have been producing custom kitchens for apartments and family homes, and recently decided to expand their business into home furniture using this online store.
Success Story
Small, but precise improvements made throughout
the Customer Journey led to a 32% increase in revenue

The Potočan brothers took an idea-rich approach in designing their online store, constantly experimenting with store navigation methods and social media integration. However, the readily available online tools they used did not provide them with the means to understand who their online customers are, how these customers experience their journey, and how this impacts their profitability.

Exponea was brought in by the Potočan brothers to provide them with the hard analytics to their experiments. After the initial testing and evaluation of the online store, Our consultants identified the three main areas of interest for optimization: the user experience of the website, visitor inflow, and email marketing strategy.

User Experience Analytics
Once Exponea’s analytics tools had been integrated into iKuchyne’s online store, our consultants studied the customer’s experience when navigating the online store. A/B testing was used to understand how various features of the website’s design persuaded visitors to purchase furniture in the online store. This method was used to evaluate the impact of Facebook ratings, Campaign Banners, and View Count Banners, on the visitor’s readiness to make a purchase. Our consultants decided to leave out the features that did not lead to a meaningful increase in purchases, which resulted in a cleaner-looking, more responsive website. This consequently led to a 15% increase in visitors who were extensively browsing the online store.

Return On Investment on Advertisements
Exponea’s consultants also managed to reduce the cost of advertising for iKuchyne. Analyses on the visitors‘ journey to the online store showed that advertising on Google and Facebook contributed very little to the volume of visitors they receive. Here, the decision was made to reduce the spending on advertising on these platforms.

Email Scenarios
iKuchyne’s visitors appeared to appreciate the emails they received from the online store. Abandoned cart emails brought back 28% of buyers to the online store. Reactivation newsletters, which are emails sent to customers who are inactive for 90 days, resulted in 19% of the recipients extensively browsing the online store to look for furniture best suiting their needs.

These small, but precise amendments to the customer experience led to significant increases in the overall revenue of the online store. The number of visitors who purchased furniture on the online store increased by 32% with a similar increase in their revenue. Hence, each improvement that was made by our consultants resulted in a linear impact on their overall revenue.


Global revenue increase


Buyers brought back to the online store


Reactivated customers

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