Adopt a Customer
Centric Culture

in Telecoms

Telco Whitepaper ebook Telco Whitepaper ebook

Communication Service Providers enhance the customer experience and reduce churn with retailer techniques.

Was werden Sie lernen?
We discuss the methods leading retailers are using to improve the customer experience as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and how such techniques can, and have been used by CSPs to successfully reduce customer churn and maximise the value of their existing customers.
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Was sind einige der Highlights?

  • Why adopting a Customer Centric Culture is the key to success in telecoms
  • How retailers maximise the use of customer data, using tools such as a Customer Data Platform to build a Single View of the Customer
  • How retailers capitalise on their data to execute effective sales engagements and drive personalised marketing campaigns
  • Real-world examples of CSPs who have adopted such strategies and improved their customer experience with tangible business results

Our Solutions Manager for Telecoms, Greg

Internationally experienced in the digital and technology industries, Greg has been working with digital marketing technology for 20 years. He has developed a solid background in Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Personalisation, Campaign Automation and Customer Experience innovation. Greg has experience in dealing with both customer and vendor interests, enabling him to understand client needs and the ability to offer up win-win strategies and solutions.

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