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    Exponea is now 3x faster!

    Product Oct 23, 2017 Lukas Fryc 1 min read

    We are proud to announce the performance improvements that we made into the frontend of the Exponea tool. During the past couple of days, The Exponea web application was starting in nearly 5 seconds (measured on Macbook Pro” 2015), which is too much and we know that you felt it. Today, we are happy to tell you that it has been starting in 1.5 seconds!
    How did we do that? The reason for the lag was the use of just-in-time processing – when your internet browser received the Exponea app. It had to pre-process it in order to start rendering the app. Off course, Exponea wasn’t always like that – but as the codebase grows, the pre-processing took more and more time.
    That’s why we introduced the ahead-of-time compilation – when the application is being built during its development, we do all the work with pre processing on our side, so that when it lands in your browser, it can start interpreting it right away! Would you believe it saves almost 4 seconds of your time, every time you open the app?

    Be aware, these changes are not the end. We are now focusing on lowering the memory footprint and in parallel we are also looking into optimizing specific cases that don’t feel very fast!
    We wish you the best experience and will continue the work on maximizing your satisfaction!

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