Solving GDPR
with risk analysis

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The First GDPR Certified SaaS Company

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During the webinar, Exponea’s DPO Lenka Gondova and Bruno Gorgulho had an active discussion during which they discussed how to approach GDPR compliance using risk analysis and a healthy dose of common sense in order to balance between legal requirements and marketing needs.

Highlights from webinar:

  • "GDPR is about common sense, the reason for that is that the law gives you the room to bring it to your context."
    - Bruno Gorgulho
  • "You need to find the level how much you invest in the security and then demonstrate it as an accountability principle."
    - Lenka Gondova

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Featured Speakers

Lenka Gondova
Data Protection Officer @ Exponea
Lenka is a seasoned IT security auditor with more than 15 years of expertise under her belt. She successfully led Exponea through the entire GDPR certification process from day 1 and she currently assists the local governmental Office for Data Protection in preparation of laws for GDPR certification and DPIA.
Bruno Gorgulho
Customer Success Manager @ Exponea
Bruno uses professional experience in information technology to deliver automation solutions to his clients. At Exponea, he ensures customer satisfaction through solid ROI and has extensive experience with the tool. As our experienced Customer Success Manager, he will take over the role of moderator during this webinar.
Bonus takeaway - Peace of mind Bonus takeaway - Peace of mind