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21. 9. 2017

Highlights from Webinar

A Discussion with Experts on Automating the Marketing Machine

Exponea’s own Bruno Gorgulho had a chance to sit with two expert guests from Kiwi.com, Sameh Jarour, Senior CRM Manager and Ondra Bumbalek, the Head of Retention. The travel booking portal is on track to do €1bn this year. Their insight was educational and valuable!

To better serve very relevant content to our customers, we needed to do it with automation.
At the end of the day, automation can only give you great results, if you have great data.
Data provides a good platform for product development based on the actual need.
AI allows more of an efficient scalability.

Read more on our blog here.


Sameh Jarour, Senior CRM Manager at Kiwi.com

Sameh Jarour

Senior CRM Manager at Kiwi.com

Sameh is a veteran of digital marketing and CRM, with experience in the transportation, logistics, and hospitality industries from the Middle East and Europe. At Kiwi.com, he is responsible for optimising all CRM activities, reaching out to over 2 million customers across the globe.

Ondra Bumbalek, Head of retention at Kiwi.com

Ondra Bumbalek

Head of retention at Kiwi.com

Ondra is an experienced online monetization and retention marketing professional with experience across different business areas. At Kiwi.com, he is responsible for retention marketing programs and marketing data and analytics.

Bruno Gorgulho, Customer Success Manager at Exponea

Bruno Gorgulho

Customer Success Manager at Exponea

Bruno uses professional experience in information technology to develop personalised marketing and he has delivered many automation solutions. At Exponea, he ensures customer satisfaction through solid ROI and extensive experience with the tool.

Exponea is the most robust and customizable marketing automation tool there is; from creating custom funnels, to zeroing in on specific interactions in the customer journey, to 3D reports with complex variances. Sameh Jarour

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