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A.I. and its impact
on online retail

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2. 11. 2017  
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During the webinar, the expert panel from Forrester, T-Mobile and Exponea had an active discussion. They covered topics of how CMOs are overcoming some of the biggest challenges in using customer data. The experts also spoke about how AI technologies and strategies can be used to bridge the insights-to-action gap.

Highlights from webinar:

"Marketing campaigns need to evolve."
  - Rusty Warner @Forrester

"Customers who shop across multiple channels have a significantly higher lifetime value."
  - Peter Irikovsky @Exponea

"Customers want relevant information in real-time."
  - Andrej Misovic @T-Mobile

"Analytics are insights that become useless without actions."
  - Jozo Kovac @Exponea

Click here to watch the webinar.
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Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Rusty Warner

Principal Analyst @Forrester Research

Rusty has extensive global consulting and sales support experience via customer engagements in 35 countries. His research focuses on marketing technologies, including customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, enterprise marketing platforms, real-time interaction management and digital customer experience delivery. Rusty helps organizations ensure that marketing technology investments are aligned with strategies to meet shifting customer expectations and support the BT agenda.

Peter Irikovsky, CEO and Co-founder at Exponea

Peter Irikovsky

CEO and Co-founder @Exponea

Peter connects innovation and business within millions of companies. Under his leadership, Exponea is becoming one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in the world together with giants, such as Slack, Box or Twilio. Over the last two years the company has doubled its sales and the value every six months. With marketing automation and data analytics using AI, Exponea assists many market leaders, such as DeliveryHero, Kiwi.com, Sygic and T-Mobile.

Jozo Kovac, CTO and Co-founder at Exponea

Jozo Kovac

CTO and Co-founder @Exponea

Jozo graduated from Tuke in the field of Artificial Intelligence and has since dedicated his career to building practical A.I. applications. With 10 years expertise in Data Mining and Business Analyst roles, Jozo has successfully delivered several diverse analytics projects for globally renowned businesses across the telco, banking, utilities, retail and gaming industries. Jozo is a co-founder of the Exponea Customer Data and Experience Platform where he is responsible for shaping the company's vision, development and A.I. capabilities.

Andrej Misovic, Senior Value and Campaign Manager at T-Mobile

Andrej Misovic

Senior Value & Campaign Manager @T-mobile

Andrej has a Ph.D. in statistics and has obtained extensive experience in the banking and telco industries. He uses his knowledge to elevate campaigns and value management in the corporate environment. His mission is to leverage the effects of utilizing the correct tools along with taking proper action. While doing so, he keeps the customers’ interests in the forefront of his mind.

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