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From Visitors To Star Customers

Andy Culligan | Exponea

Sam Kellett | Exponea

In 35 minutes you will learn:
  • A simple & effective way to manage a customer lifecycle
  • How to increase your CLV by promoting customers into more valuable segments
  • How to reduce your customer churn rate by identifying & retaining customers likely to churn
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Solving GDPR With Risk Analysis

Lenka Gondova | Exponea

Bruno Gorgulho | Exponea

In 45 minutes you will learn:
  • What you need to know about risk analysis
  • How to use it practically as a basis for ensuring GDPR compliance
  • An example‑driven method to solve the common e‑commerce GDPR risks
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A.I. And It’s Impact On Online Retail

Rusty Warner | Forrester Research

Andrej Misovic | T‑mobile

Peter Irikovsky | Exponea

Jozo Kovac | Exponea

In 45 minutes you will discover:
  • How CMOs are overcoming some of the biggest challenges in using customer data
  • How A.I. technologies and strategies can be used to bridge the insights‑to‑action gap
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Automating the Marketing Engine

Sameh Jarour | Kiwi.com

Ondra Bumbalek | Kiwi.com

Bruno Gorgulho | Exponea

In 40 minutes you will discover:
  • How to build 1:1 personalised campaigns that work for millions of customers
  • How to increase the efficiency of your department, by automating complex processes
  • How to test, measure and improve ROI of your campaigns
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Selling Internationally Online

Archie Hewlett | Duke+Dexter

Chris Hopkins | Duke+Dexter

Jason Smith | Exponea

In 40 minutes you’ll discover:
  • Increasing PCC spend, without destroying efficiency (SEM, Social)
  • Customer onboarding and retention (Building engaging programs to support your CRM strategy)
  • Marketing automation (Smart segmentation strategies for email marketing)
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