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Selling internationally online
from Covent Garden, London

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29th of June 2017

Highlights from webinar

Expert talk about Selling internationally online

covering customer onboarding and retention, increasing PPC spend without destroying efficiency and marketing automation with smart segmentation strategies

Thanks to automation, “lost” customers have come back to purchase and restarted the customer journey.
With a dependable data source we’ve been able to understand the dollar value of a customer and scale CPA range accordingly.
Styles with very low conversion rates became visible, will it work commercially or conversely what converting quickly and should be exploited.
With shipping in one to three days to over one hundred countries automation becomes crucial.


Our influential guests shared practical solutions on how to grow your international online sales.

Archie Hewlett

Managing Director at Duke+Dexter

Chris Hopkins

Business Operations Manager at Duke+Dexter

Jason Smith

Director for Western Europe at Exponea