Cart abandonment email

Use case cart abandonment email


Customers add products to their cart but do not complete the purchase.


Customers might have gotten distracted by other things.


Remind the customer by email he has something in left the cart 1 hour after his last activity with the shopping cart. The email will include a list of all items in the cart. The effectiveness of this will be A/B tested against a control group (customers who didn’t receive this reminder at all).


  • Setup tracking of event cart_update (tracked for every change of the contents of the shopping cart, event attribute contains list of items currently present together with other required values to personalize the email)
  • Create email template HTML and personalize with data from the event
  • Create scenario with A/B test, triggered by cart_update event which checks if the purchase was not made within the last 1 hour and send personalized email


  • Tracking cart_update 3 hours
  • Create email template: 2 hours
  • Personalize email template with Jinja: 2 hours
  • Create scenario: 1 hour
Total: 2 weeks
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