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    Product Sep 22, 2017 David Miller 1 min read has been on a journey of its own over the past two years while switching its marketing machine to automation.
    The online travel search engine giant, has been able to elevate its success with the adoption of AI. They found their knack for segmentation which was critical in optimizing relevant content and personalized communication with its customers. Therefore, it has only strengthened their focus. This ability has been a learning process which will only add to their success.
    Two years ago, enlisted the help of Exponea in creating a more efficient marketing implementation for the future. They had come to a realization that “to better serve very relevant content to our customers, we needed to do it with automation”. To this day it has served them well. They even created a segmentation known as “Deal Hunters”, consisting of people who are not loyal to them. So, they were able to establish that when communicating with this segment, they are able to reach out to them with only what they need. Personalization is an amazing thing! emphasized that in the beginning it was a bit of a transition with which it had required an adjustment period. Through better segmentation they were able to better create marketing content. “At the end of the day, automation can only give you great results, if you have great data”. With more useful data collected, was more accurately equipped for better personalized campaigns, which has been a key ingredient in their success.
    When enough data is made possible through analytics, it can be used for scaling. Better analysis of customer data also works hand-in-hand with product development. Once they collected sufficient data and predictions, “it provides a good platform for product development based on the actual need”.
    Before the jump to AI two years ago, reached a critical point and identified the need to change the way information was analyzed and how to optimize communication with customers. Exponea was able to run tests, analyze, and automate –  creating a more customer and business friendly engine. “AI allows more of an efficient scalability”.


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