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    Next step in data democratization: Amazon Alexa is now integrated with Exponea

    Product Apr 11, 2017 Juraj Horny 2 min read

    CEOs and managers can join the data democratization revolution with a marketing-savvy virtual assistant.

    Exponea has integrated Amazon Alexa into its marketing cloud, giving managers screenless  access to AI and data analytics. Exponea is the first full-stack marketing cloud to place Alexa in a working role for its clients.
    Thanks to this integration, it’s enough to ask Alexa ”Give me a briefing about the Easter Facebook Campaign” or  “What was the conversion rate for the past month?” for instant results.  And that’s just the start. By adding AI into the conversation, marketers will be able to ask Alexa for advanced suggestions and marketing recommendations.
    Alexa has something intelligent to say
    “Merging Alexa’s voice recognition with our AI is the next step in in data democratization, breaking down the organizational silos that restrict access to marketing data and accelerating the way it can be shared,” said Jozo Kovac, founder and head of product at Exponea.
    Integration with Alexa is a natural extension of Exponea’s marketing cloud. As an integrated platform, Exponea enables clients to give their customers a fully personalised omni-channel experience in real-time and harness AI to analyze and enhance marketing activities. A majority of Exponea’s clients are online B2C businesses in the fashion, travel, and telco segments.
    “Pairing Alexa with the Exponea marketing cloud frees our clients from having to ask analysts or sit behind monitor and lets us do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing analytics and AI,” explained Kovac. “People are great at asking questions and making sense of results — we are just building on this strength.”
    Morning meetings may never be the same
    Alexa and Exponea will change the daily marketing regime in several ways:

    • Create a new morning ritual as marketers ask Alexa for the data about the previous day as they drink their coffee. The questions could be: “How much revenue did we make yesterday?” or just “Alexa, give me a daily briefing”
    • Level up team meetings, giving members faster access to data. Alexa questions could be: “What was our basket abandonment rate in the past month?” or “What was our conversion rate for the past two weeks.”
    • Accelerate AI impact on online campaigns. Alexa could be asked: “Why was revenue so low last month?” or “What are your suggestions to improve revenue for next month?” for AI-powered answers.

    4-B-Give jaw-dropping presentations 3-B-Level up your meetingsAdopt a new morning ritual
    “These Alexa questions really come down to data democratization, giving people easier access to their data. The integration of Exponea and Alexa will make CEOs and CMOs faster and more efficient at their daily tasks,” stated Mr. Kovac. “We are plunging into uncharted territory, but we believe that getting a personal assistant like Alexa fully on-board in our marketing cloud is worth the effort.”
    Experience the unique voice command access to business data with Amazon Alexa.Test it on the Exponea demo which allows you to try a combination of marketing automation, 1:1 omni-channel personalization, advanced analytics, and practical AI capabilities. All in real-time.
    Visit to get your Echo Dot for Alexa+Exponea experience. We have 100 in our office to share.

    Watch Exponea demo video!
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