Company: ZOOT, Industry: Fashion, Market: Europe Company: ZOOT, Industry: Fashion, Market: Europe

ZOOT is not just
a well functioning business.

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ZOOT is a fashion e-Commerce business built on two pillars: love for fashion and passion for tech innovations. Since the company's early days, its founders have sustained their focus on pioneering a unique omni-channel concept.


“Customer behaviour data showed that too many people dropped out of our order funnel.
We needed to drive them back to finish the purchase.”

Exponea's simple and effective automation solution
helped ZOOT increase completed orders by 19%

Integrating the best of online and onliine shopping experiences, ZOOT utilises big customer data to keep expanding into new European markets. Along with their need for automated 360-degree customer profile building, it is one of the reasons ZOOT pointed to Exponea when choosing a marketing cloud solution.

Our value delivery consultants have been in close contact with ZOOT’s performance department, discussing possible bottlenecks in the customer journeys and effective ways to eliminate them. During one of our meetings, Alzbeta Zidek, the Performance & Customers Lover at ZOOT, expressed her concern with abandoned carts.

Truly understanding a problem is the first step to its elimination

Our data experts immediately took the first step to deal with the issue – they looked into how people had been interacting with the online store, both those who finished their purchase and those who did not. Having discussed our findings internally and with the client, we were left with a specific, tangible pain point to eliminate and a hypothesis to work with: a simple incentive to drive customers, who dropped out of the order funnel, back to their abandoned shopping carts is expected to increase the number of completed orders significantly.

Having prepared the solution in our scenario designer, ZOOT was ready to implement a new way of reactivating lost shoppers – a time-triggered email incentive.

40,000 customers were part of the campaign where three hours after they had abandoned their cart, they received an automated email with its content and a go back to cart and complete your purchase button.

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Conversion rate growth


Open rate of the reactivating emails


Growth in the number of finished orders

Too good to be true? Listen in God's voice.

"The impact of a simple email exceeded our expectations. However, we followed up with a new hypothesis - if we send each customer an email at a specific time, based on their previous behaviour, we believe the impact on the conversion rate will be even higher."
Robo Capla, Value Delivery Consultant at Exponea