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Having implemented Exponea, Topankovo achieved a 61% growth in the number of orders

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At Exponea, we have always admired how Topankovo grew. Launched in 2009 as a small online store, their smart business decisions lifted them up to their current position as one of the top shoes, handbags, and accessories retailers in Slovakia.


"Our customers are stunned with decision paralysis. We are looking to make
their shopping experience smoother and drive more sales."

Having implemented Exponea, Topankovo achieved
a 61% growth in the number of orders

However, such growth always comes at a price. It didn’t take long for Topankovo to experience a problem that your business might soon start to feel as well — the product range became too wide to be kept in the website’s original structure.

The one meeting that changed everything

Having met the client’s marketing team and analysed the situation, we discovered a pattern in the customer behaviour. A significant number of people ended up leaving the store without buying a thing because they could not find their way to what they were looking for, even though Topankovo was o ering it. The cause of the problem? Our data experts identified it as the website’s structure being undersized.

Patrik Dragula, the co-founder of Topankovo, accepted our recommendation to utilise the customer behaviour data we collected, to implement quick changes with maximum e ect on eliminating the pain points. Keep on reading to find out how we handled the execution.

We see problems as challenges

We have already mentioned that the main cause of the customers’ confusion lay in too many products being listed in the undersized online store.

Our value delivery consultants immersed themselves in the challenge and presented a solution that did not require any changes on the website itself. Their recommendation was to enrich the online store with incentive-based, dynamic banners that would steer customers’ attention towards purchasing specific products, thus eliminating the decision paralysis problem.

Other order-driving tactics were implemented to support sales throughout the entire customer journey, e.g. a pop-up message in the checkout process that informed the shopper about free shipping options.

The combination of such incentives, along with their brisk implementation, resulted in 37,683 customers targeted in just 14 days.

Topankovo success story solution timeline

Conversion growth


Growth in the number of orders

1 day

Implementation time

Too good to be true? Listen in God's voice.

"Information overload is a common problem in the industry. Thanks to a direct layer feature we were easily able to create a pop up message and emphasise a crucial piece of information, and thus increase conversion rates, without any involvement of the client's IT department."
Robo Capla, Value Delivery Consultant at Exponea