Company: Tempo Kondela s.r.o., Industry: Retail, Market: Europe Company: Tempo Kondela s.r.o., Industry: Retail, Market: Europe

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Established 2003, Tempo Kondela is an eCommerce and online retailer of furniture for home and office with real experience in their eld. With their 22 brick and mortar stores across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they are able to have a relevant stock on hand for their E-shop. With no intermediaries, they are able to deliver goods within 3 days. This makes them the fastest web to door furniture service in Slovakia.


How Tempo Kondela increased
conversions by 16%

We had to take a proactive approach to our client since the web layers didn’t seem to bring a fast and significant value.

“We needed to take a step back and look how we could bring value.” Said senior consultant Matus Kanas. “By looking at the original site with additional 3rd party widgets… pop-ups, social media buttons, a wheel of fortune… the amount of clutter with yet another pop up made for a crowded experience. I hypothesized at this point, maybe in this case, less will be more”.

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The recently released Tag Manager is a feature where consultants can make significant changes and pose theoretical situations to any eCommerce portal using the Exponea Marketing Cloud. Using this tool, Kanas was able to identify the problem and create less cluttered test pages without the need for involving the tech or design teams from Tempo Kondela.

At that point, they were able to use the intuitive A/B testing tools to measure the effectiveness of a simpler page design.

As a result, Exponea’s simple and effective content modifying solution helped Tempo Kondela increase their conversion rate by 16% and boost revenue over 28% per visitor. These boosts in uenced them to stay with the effective changes and utilize the same methods in more features. They were also able to generate 4.42% additional total revenue in the same time period. As marketers, it is always important for us to remember, the things you think will work don’t always do so.

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