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Integrating Data Sources brings Revenue Growth Opportunities

mymall is an online fashion store that specializes in sportswear. It was founded in 2008 and has grown to become the largest specialist retailer in Bulgaria.
Success Story
The resulting email marketing strategy and user experience optimizations
led to significant increases in revenue.

mymall operates a marketing strategy that focuses on maintaining customer relationships by sending personalized recommendation emails, with the aim of increasing the frequency of purchases that their customers make. Their marketing operation already spanned activities that are empathetic towards this aim, such as email marketing, analytics, and recommendations. However, because each of these activities operated on different tools, they found that they hit a glass ceiling in their ability to discover meaningful insights about their customers using this setup. It was a big challenge to combine the data from these tools in such a way that it would provide them with a full picture of their customers’ behavior.

mymall was delighted to have found Exponea’s All-In-One solution. Integration of Exponea with mymall’s online store, including transferring their customer data from their original marketing tools, was completed within seven days. Our consultants then sought to gain insights about mymall’s customer base, such as their customer lifecycle and accurate segmentation patterns. Their current email marketing strategy was also examined against the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our consultants decided to create a Welcome Email and Dynamic Recommendation Newsletter scenario and implement these into the online store. This email marketing strategy provides a clear, GDPR compliant pathway for customers to give their consent and receive offers from the online store. Due to the speed and ease of implementation, time was won for our consultants to consider improvements that went beyond mymall’s initial request and sought to focus on increasing revenue by making amendments to the user experience of the online store. Altogether, the following marketing automation techniques have been implemented in the online store:

Welcome Email Scenario
Our consultants found that there was a positive impact in RPV uplift if customers would be rewarded for their consent to mymall’s email marketing. Once a customer opts in, the customer receives a Welcome Email with a 5% discount voucher. These emails were well-received by mymall’s customer base as 27% of the recipients opened the email and 11% of recipients extensively browsed the online store.

Dynamic Newsletter Scenario
How do you entice your customers who are extensively browsing, but not buying, to make a purchase? Our consultants found that these customers were more likely to add items to their carts and complete their purchase once a recommendation newsletter was sent to them. Three types of newsletters were evaluated, each containing a list of recommendations based on the customer’s last seen items, brand interest, or collaborative filtering. The collaborative filtering newsletter demonstrated the best performance, yielding an increase in RPV by 19%.

Product Detail Page
The layout of the product detail page and the practical use of color can have a defining impact on whether a customer is motivated to purchase the item. Removing clutter, such as excessive social media buttons, and changing the color of the Add-to-Cart button to green, led in and of itself to an increase of the RPV by 4.5%

View Count Banner
Brick-and-mortar store operators are well aware that the number of customers who gather around a product increases its desirability. But how do you convey this customer experience in an online store? Our consultants evaluated which activities of the other customers would motivate a potential buyer to make the purchase. An A/B test was created with three variants of the View Count Banner, each depicting how many customers were either viewing, have purchased, or have added the product to their carts. Potential buyers were the most sensitive to the number of customers who bought the product. This led to an increase of customers who added products to their cart by 74% and an increase in RPV by 71.5%.

On Exit Banner
Similar to an Abandoned Cart email, the On Exit Banner aims to motivate customers to complete their purchase when they intend to leave the online store. This method led to an increase in RPV by 18%.

+19% RPV

GDPR compliant email marketing

+92% RPV

User experience optimizations

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