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Transforming Customer Experience

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Exponea Features
You’ll Fall In Love With

  • Low‑Hassle Migration
  • True Single Customer View
  • Updated in Real‑Time
  • Omni‑Channel Orchestration
  • Timely Engagement

Low‑Hassle Migration

The all‑in‑one nature of Customer Data Platforms makes it simple to integrate Exponea into an existing company environment without the hassle of creating custom integrations for multiple modules.

True Single Customer View

Every click, interaction and purchase is recorded in a database of individual customer profiles called a Single Customer View. Data is organized around the customer rather than the channel or device they used.

Updated in Real‑Time

Organized data is great, but organized data that’s updated in real time is better. Trigger personalized events based on customer behavior, even as the customer interacts with your brand.

Omni‑Channel Orchestration

Orchestrate a consistent customer experience, regardless of the channel used. Customer data from retail stores, online interactions and over the phone discussions is organized within your central data hub, allowing for up‑to‑date interactions with customers, no matter where they are.

Timely Engagement

Determine the best time to communicate with customers based on their individual preferences. Start sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Why E‑Commerce
Experts Love Exponea

Nicola Cottrell

We’ve been missing a Single Customer
View, which is all fixed with Exponea.

Nicola Fox

That candid approach of challenging each other and striving for the best possible outcome is absolutely what we’re about, and it’s great to find a partner who thinks the same way.

Jakub Miklik

With Exponea, we can finally deliver consistent messages to our customers across all channels, significantly improving the customer experience.

Market Leader in the Customer Data Platform Category

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