Developeri potrebujú viac slobody

V Exponea si môžeš vybrať tím, úlohu, spôsob aj čas, ktorý potrebuješ.
Pracuj na svetovom projekte v nekorporátnom prostredí priamo z Bratislavy.

Si špecialista v zahraničí so svetovými ambíciami? Dá sa to aj zo Slovenska!   Napíš nám  

Toto je Exponea

How Exponea Ranks Against their Competitors for Overall Culture Score

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?
They really push culture and strong values, it's not yet another faceless corporation. Also, it's the kind of a company that actually put a gigantic inflatable rubber duck on the roof of a new office just for the lolz.
What makes you most happy at work?
Learning new things in a supportive environment where I know I can make a difference and see the effect of my actions without the fear of making a mistake or even a slight possibility that I wouldn't be allowed to do something that makes sense.
What are some of the best things about your team?
The team is composed of people with great potential. Perfect mix of highly experienced people with young talents which enhance an inspiring work environment.
What makes you most happy at work?
There are no boundaries, if you are good at something, you can try to work on it. No matter if this is or is not your core responsibility. We are looking for people's strengths and how to apply them.
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