We have finally decided to show Exponea in a short video. Check it out now.

Exponea is a customer‑centric platform, combining advanced data analytics and omni‑channel campaign execution.

We help our clients maximize profits and optimize marketing spend by targeting the right customers with the right content at the right time.

Demo video of Exponea in Action

Learn how Exponea enables you to use in‑depth customer intelligence contained in a unified single customer view, delivering personalized experiences that are relevant and unified across all channels and devices.

Fill out the form to watch the 3‑minute video of the main Exponea features, including:

  • Unified Single Customer View
  • Advanced Analytics and Segmentation
  • Email Management and Personalization
  • Омниканальные сценарии
  • Веб-оптимизация и A/B-тестирование

Exponea Overview:
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