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Displaying conference details on a scrolling banner


People are not downloading the conference agenda, resulting in lower lead generation for the sales team.


Finding the agenda on the website and downloading it is a long and complicated process.


Created a simplified process for harvesting emails and distributing conference agenda links. After the customers scroll through a particular (chosen) part of the website, a banner appears with enterable fields and check-boxes with the conference agenda. After clicking the CTA button, an email is sent to the customer’s email with a download button for the agendas.


  • Created a web layer banner with fields for entering customer details and checkboxes for choosing the agendas
  • Modified site content with the banner appearing after the visitor scrolls through a particular part of the website
  • Created a scenario with action trigger, set attribute, and email


  • Web layer: 1.5 hours
  • Content modification: 1.5 hours
  • Scenario: 30 minutes
Total: cca 3.5 hours
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