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Omni-channel lead generation


Clients are receiving sub-optimal cross-channel treatment due to information loss and poor communication, resulting in lower service levels, higher costs, and lost sales.


Each channel (store, call center, online) does not share information about the customer’s interaction with the other channels. The result is that each interaction starts from scratch and there is no continuity of service between active channels (sending emails, SMS, push or web layers) and the passive ones (agent in the store, agent in the call center).


  • Ensured all channels use the web to provide service or product purchase requests from customers. This includes having agents in the store or call center use the company web site and also incorporates customer navigation from home or work
  • Created web layers to create an event which links an agent with a specific customer
  • Tracked navigation and allow for agent input at the end of the customer interaction (define that a sale has been made, send a relevant link to the customer’s e-mail, or take no action)
  • Automated direct actions (send link to customer’s e-mail) and lead generation to marketing team for the following points:
    • Customers that have been served at a store or call center and have a basket abandonment scenario
    • Customers that do not open the link in 3 days
    • Customers that have purchased that might want to upsell
    • Customers that did not want to receive a link but might want to be contacted


  • Implement Exponea JS code + purchase event
  • Integrate (or manual input process) of in-store sales for analytical purposes
  • Creation of 3 web layers:
    • Login customer ID
    • Navigate with customer and agent ID locked
    • End session and next steps
  • Automatic e-mail with link from in-store or call center navigation
  • Leads generated from scenarios described above


Not applicable (Pilot scope)

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