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How to Boost Loyalty and Target Customers on the Right Channel Using Omni-Channel Personalization

Capabilities used: Exponea Core, Omni‑Channel Orchestration, Real‑Time Customer Predictions

Setup time: Novice 60 min / Advanced user 25 min

Reading time: 15 min


Customers today use multiple platforms to interact with companies. Guiding them with personalized messages sent only to their preferred digital channels eliminates redundant communication, improves engagement, and can even result in more efficient marketing spend. Exponea’s Omni-Channel Orchestration significantly enhances opportunities to acquire and build loyalty by delivering unified customer experiences across all digital channels. Marketers can easily implement this to target customers with personalized messages that are relevant to their online behavior in real-time, and can even take the probability of future actions into consideration. This use case shows how all of this — personalization, predictive analytics, and more — can be easily implemented by marketers using a single platform for activation across several channels, including email and paid ads.


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