75% of retailers consider omni-channel communication an essential part of their
business strategy. Where do you stand?

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As the number of marketing channels grow, campaigns must become more effective at engaging and converting.

This guide will discuss the right tools and processes to help automate your marketing efforts in order to personalize targeted communication, align channel-specific content, and analyze needed results.

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  • A guide to automated omni-channel communication
  • Multi-channel communication strategies explained
  • Overview on omni-channel analytics with attribution models
  • A list of key takeaways for Heads of CRM and CMOs

Meet the authors,
Robert Heger and Chelsei Henderson

Robert is the Inbound Content Specialist at Exponea, where he spends much of his time researching and writing to create Exponea’s articles and e-books. Robert’s previous experience revolved around project management, business strategy and innovation. With Exponea, Robert has been leveraging his talents for the world of e-commerce.

Chelsei contributes to the content team at Exponea, where she researches and writes for articles, e-books, and case studies. She brings 11 years of freelance editorial experience to the role, which gives Chelsei the skills to craft engaging and concise content for Exponea. Chelsei loves transforming complex technical content into creative digital media, and she's always looking for an opportunity to deep dive into a subject.

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