86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Give them what they want.

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Your customers expect an experience on your site. A great experience; an experience that has been personalized for them. Where do you start when making something like that a reality?

This e‑book will take you through the early stages of improving the customer experience on your site, followed by specific personalization strategies to start using, and a comparison of different product recommendation models so you can pick the best one for your business.

Немного конкретики

  • An explanation of conversion funnels and how to analyze them effectively
  • 14 specific personalization strategies, along with macro‑level personalization plan
  • An in‑depth look at different product recommendation use cases

Our Head of Content, Sam

Sam's marketing career started in Los Angeles back in 2012, and his interest in creating interesting content for complex topics has persisted. His mission at Exponea is to be an advocate of e‑commerce solutions: empowering online retailers with new insights into the rapidly changing e‑commerce industry, and new ideas to improve their metrics.

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