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It’s almost time for the most important shopping time of the year: Black Friday 2019. And with this guide, you’ll be prepared to make the most of it.

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Take the actionable steps detailed here, and you’ll achieve a more profitable Black Friday. We’ve put together our favorite e‑commerce tactics and campaigns for maximizing profit; both for Black Friday weekend, and for the future.
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  • 5 high‑performing e‑commerce campaigns
  • 4 technological tactics for increasing customer value
  • 3 communication tactics to improve customer retention

Our Head of Content, Sam

Sam is an e‑commerce content expert with experience working in various specialist positions on marketing teams. His current focus is leading and supporting Exponea's content team in the creation of vibrant and challenging articles, case studies, success stories and more. His previous experience includes project development and marketing campaign planning, as well as work with the traditional entertainment industry and the digital media industry.

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